WOW Factor with White

When it comes to choosing the colour palette for a room revamp, some homeowners shy away from white as they feel a white room is boring, unwelcoming and not relaxing. We politely disagree. The way we see it, beige can be boring – white is not. Check out our top tips for creating a crisp white space.

White can be cozy.

There’s a misconception that a white room is cold and uninviting. Not the case. There’s many things you can do to provide warmth to a white canvas. Distressed finishes on white furniture and cozy layers, such as pillows, rugs, throws and drapery are all warm additions.

Ultimate blank canvas.

Starting with a white colour palette opens the space up to endless accent shades and design possibilities. Once a bold colour or patterned wallpaper hits the space, you’re pretty much locked in to a particular design direction. Starting with white gives you freedom to play!

White in the kitchen.

Crisp white exudes cleanliness. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that homeowners are currently loving the all-white kitchen trend. White cabinets and a white backsplash is a great contrast with a butcher block island or marble countertops.

Mixing white with industrial elements.

We’re swooning over the coveted combo of white paired with stainless steel, copper or brass. These industrial hues can be found in major appliances, light fixtures and exposed ceilings. The mixing of the two adds a warmth to an all-white space.

White comes in a variety of shades.

While you may not see the subtle differences immediately, white is essentially a colour and the shades are endless. Certain hues will show undertones of blue, pink or green. To find the best white for your space, paint a section on your wall and experience the colour at different times of day to catch the changes from natural light. Examine your furniture, cabinets, flooring and countertops to determine which white will work best for your space.

White creates versatility.

If your interior changes from season to season, white is the perfect palette when switching out seasonal designs. If fall screams rustic hues of red and orange and spring desires bright colours and soft pastels, you have the option to rotate your space as needed without worrying about clashing with walls, counters and cabinets.

Shots of colour.

We love a bold colour against a white backdrop. If your bathroom is draped in white, consider an aqua glass tile. If your kitchen cabinets and countertops are washed in white, why not select a navy backsplash for a chic nautical feel? The options are endless!

A white colour palette is a great start when planning a room revamp and leaves you open to a world of accent hues and fun additions. Check out our portfolio to see how we’ve renovated with white at

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