How to update your living room for Spring

Add bold, warm colour
The dreariness of the tail end of winter calls for some daring shades. Counteract drab greys and browns with vivid golds and russets in lampshades, fabrics, flowers and accessories.

Dress up your floor
Cosy up your space with a sophisticated carpet. The addition of a subtly patterned carpet can lend warmth without sacrificing traditional appeal.

Throw in texture
Include accessories, like snuggly blankets and brightly patterned cushions, along with personal elements and family mementoes, to make a space more inviting.

Try an unexpected position
Add an element of surprise to a predictable arrangement by turning your pieces on an angle or moving them around with a bit of abandon.

Contrast your furniture
Heavy wood coffee and end tables can seem stuffy when paired with a heavier wall. Exchanging a traditional table for bright white versions with more delicate lines can give your space an instant lift.

Play with scale
Add a tall lamp to a diminutive table for interest.

Splurge on spring
Fresh, eye-catching flowers can be a harbinger of warmer days ahead. Cheer up any room with a decorative vase and fresh-cut blooms.


****source: Style at home

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