To Top it Off

Once the dust settles and the renovation is complete, it’s time to think about the finishing touches – those smaller accents which tie a space together and make the remodel feel complete. Today on the blog, we’re sharing four of our favourite finishing touches.


Let’s talk curb appeal. The outside of your home gives the all-important first impression. Presenting a clean, manicured exterior is especially important in the real estate world. If a potential buyer doesn’t like what they see on the outside, they may not bother going any further and looking inside. If your home lacks dimension and has little visual appeal, shutters may be the perfect solution.

Simple shutters can be found at most home stores. If you don’t see the colour you desire, purchase shutters in a light hue (white or grey), grab a paint brush and paint the shutters your preferred shade. A “made-for-outdoors” paint will be required to stand up to Mother Nature’s wear and tear.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures have become a popular decorative element and each room may require a different style, size and shade. Design along with function are both considered when selecting the right fixture for the right space.

Chandeliers are statement pieces which anchor a space. From the entryway to the dining area, eyes are immediately drawn to a chandelier when entering a room.

Pendants are smaller fixtures that hang closer to eye level. Pendants are great options for a smaller space, or to provide direct lighting over a certain area, such as a kitchen island.

A more subtle selection would be a ceiling-mount light fixture, which is fingertip length from the ceiling and not as dramatic as a chandelier.

Drapery and hardware

Framing a window with the right drapery and drapery hardware is a simple accent that will make a big difference. From the colour and material of the drapes to the shade and style of the rod, these are all part of the design aesthetic to tie your space together.

Rod placement should also be considered when hanging coverings. Instead of placing the rod directly above the window casing, consider installing just below the ceiling or crown molding. This will create the illusion of more height and grandeur.

Hardware and switch plates

Consistency is key when applying hardware on doors and cabinets and when installing new switch plates throughout your home. The same finish throughout an open space will provide cohesion. From chrome and oil-rubbed bronze to black and stained wood, the options are endless when it comes to knobs and pulls, so select the finish that works best for your space.

Over time, switch plates have a tendency to stain. Brand new, crisp white plates from top to bottom is a simple update that will make a world of difference following a remodel.

Have fun selecting the finishing touches for your home! For more renovation and décor inspiration, check out our website at

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