The Home Office

When someone tells you they work from home, what do you envision? A couch and a coffee table that also turns into a living room once the laptop shuts down? Or maybe a spare room with a desk randomly plunked in the middle that is shifted to the side when guests need a place to crash? At i love renovations, we envision so much more! A home office is becoming a regular staple in many homes, and productivity and creativity are top-of-mind when constructing an ideal space. So whether you work from home on a regular basis or you find yourself needing a space to put in some extra hours, consider the following for your work abode.


Location, location, location. If you’re easily distracted and the slightest noise throws your workflow completely off the rails, then your ideal workspace should be far away from foot traffic and those rooms where many gather. If your office will also act as a meeting place for clients and co-workers, ensure the space is easily accessible, welcoming, and won’t be a hub of noisy interruptions.

Room with a view

Natural light is a welcome feature in any room. When planning the ideal office, a window or two will contribute greatly to how much time you want to spend in the space. If windows are not an option, consider decorating the walls with a few pieces of art. There’s plenty of local talent right here in Halifax that could contribute to the four walls of your office space.

Paint colour

While paint may seem like a minor selection, the shade you choose may affect your productivity, mood and enjoyment while in the space. Choose a colour you love and one that won’t overwhelm the size of the room. If vibrant and bright is what you desire, think sunshine yellow and sky blue. If you’d rather a more tranquil and airy feel, consider neutrals such as grey, cream and beige. The colour wheel is constantly evolving and there’s a perfect hue that’s right for you.


When working in the space, you should be able to move fluidly through tasks and have everything readily available when needed. While organized chaos works for some, an ideal space avoids clutter and piles of “stuff.” Maximum productivity does not include taking half an hour to find one piece of paper. Custom cubbies and cabinets, floating shelves and desk accessories are personalized storage solutions that will make all the difference in your workspace. Think of what you’ll be doing on a day-to-day before tackling a floorplan and purchasing furniture and accessories. Once you have a game plan, fill the room with those items that will work with you, not against you.

Plenty of light

A home office can’t only depend on natural light. Desk lamps, standalone lamps and overhead fixtures will flood the space with sufficient light from morning to night. Keep in mind that a home office is not generally a massive space. Just like your furniture should complement the room, so too should the lighting.

Whether you currently have a home office that’s screaming for a functional update or you’re contemplating turning that random room into your new centre of productivity, i love renovations would be happy to show you just how great your workspace can be. Check out our portfolio at and call 902-488-5683. Your brand new hub of creativity awaits!



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