Summer Maintenance To-Do List

Summer is now in full swing. The days are longer, the nights are warmer and you’re in full-on fun-in-the-sun planning mode. Whether you’re hosting a backyard bash for family and friends or preparing for out-of-town guests, you’ll want to ensure your home is presentation ready. Take a gander at our summer maintenance to-do list. It’ll guide you through those summer-approved tasks that will have your home in tip-top shape.

♥ Clean gutter and downspouts

♥ Clean garage

♥ Power wash brick or siding

♥ Inspect exterior for loose or rotted siding

♥ Inspect bricks and foundation for cracks or leaks

♥ Inspect air conditioners

♥ Wash windows

♥ Deadhead perennials and annuals

♥ Re-caulk seals on doors and windows

♥ Inspect roof for leaks or damage

♥ Inspect and clean grill

♥ Sharpen tool edges (mower, blades, etc.)

♥ Reseal or rebuild deck


Decks by Design

Your deck is most likely breathing an exasperated sigh of relief after being smothered by mounds of snow this past winter. It’s time to show your deck some well-deserved TLC. If you’re still the proud owner of an intact structure, it wouldn’t hurt to reseal the existing deck. Wood decks can develop mould and other structural damage rather quickly. To avoid crumbling planks and faded colours, you may want to go one step further than a power wash. Water-resistant sealant can stand up to harsh elements and bring your deck back to life.

If the harsh winter weather left your deck in piles of planks, now’s the time to rebuild. It’s also a great opportunity to revamp your backyard and create that outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of. With a blank slate, you have the freedom to be creative. Not sure where to start? i love renovations has lots of ideas to turn your backyard into an outdoor living space that will be envied by all!

Happy summer!

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