Storage with Style

How many of you included a clutter-free 2016 in your New Year’s resolutions? Stuff has a way of creeping up on you, and if you’re not careful, it can take over every area of your home. This week, we’re talking storage solutions for all of that stuff!


It doesn’t take much for a closet to become over-crowded and disorganized. First things first: purge. If you haven’t worn that purple velour sweat suit since 1995, then it might be time to let it go. Once you’ve kicked the clutter to the curb, then it’s time to think custom. Which items do you hang and which do you always fold? Rods at various heights and lots of shelving will cater to your unique closet needs. If there’s wasted space on the other side of that now-narrow clothing hub, consider a walk-in! Imagine strolling into your closet, seeing everything in plain view and not having to push and pull items apart before making your wardrobe selection. It can be done!

Laundry room

If you’ve walked into a home store lately, you may notice wall upon wall devoted to laundry storage and décor. While you may not love laundry, you can now love the space you’re doing it in. Colourful baskets, rustic wood signs and cheery shades on the walls are making this once drab space a functional yet fun oasis. Hidden storage, such as under-counter cabinets, can conceal a sorting station for those items waiting to be washed. A few floating shelves can hold smaller items, such as detergent, clothes pins and stain removers. Don’t have the floor space for a drying rack? Consider a laundry ladder or several rods floating from the wall. It’s all about creativity in this small space.


Scratching your head trying to figure out how to store vehicle(s) and odds and ends in the garage at the same time? Shelving and hooks are ideal and will not take up precious floor space. Don’t rule out your ceiling either in this industrial-like space. Strong and sturdy beams can hold anything from a ladder, rakes and shovels, to storage bins and tool boxes. Fold-out benches and tabletops that can be tucked away when vehicles roll in for the day will allow the space to double as a workshop.

Under the staircase

If you’re in need of extra storage and the conventional just isn’t cutting it, look to that awkward triangle under the stairs. This little nook may become your best conversation piece once it’s been reinvented to fit your needs. If stairs have the stability and support, think bookcases, bike storage, or a reading nook. If the staircase is near the front door, a mini mudroom can include hooks for coats, built-in shelves for baskets to hold mitts, toques and scarves and a bench that opens up for added storage.

Small bathrooms

If you’re already tight on space in the bathroom, smart storage solutions will make all the difference. Locations often overlooked are generally above the sink, above the toilet and the strip above the door. A wall-mounted cabinet or a floating shelf or two will be in no one’s way and will assist in holding bathroom essentials. Not sure where to put a towel rack? How about on the back of the door? A few rods spaced evenly will put towels at arm’s reach.

Space-saving storage solutions are all about thinking outside the box and creating an environment that works best for you. Check out for more inspiration and give us a call at 902-488-5683.

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