In Nova Scotia, a great party usually starts and ends in the kitchen. It’s where friends gather over a glass of wine and yummy nibbles; where children learn to bake that perfect chocolate chip cookie; and the perfect starting point for a romantic home cooked dinner for two. With so much time spent in this space, you’ll want to ensure it’s always a welcoming oasis.

UNDER-CABINET LIGHTING-Let there be light! You’d be surprised what a few well-positioned spotlights will do for the mood and atmosphere of a space. Not to mention the practical side of illuminating an area used for slicing, dicing, mincing and mixing.

BACKSPLASH REVAMP-An updated backsplash can bring your kitchen from drab to fab. Next to cabinets, backsplashes really set the tone for the space and homeowners and contractors alike are loving the endless options now available. From trendy subway tiles to honed marble, homeowners are able to pick a design that is truly one-of-a-kind.

PAINT POWER-A fresh coat of paint may be all your kitchen needs to bring it back to life. If you’re not up for a complete overhaul, pick a fresh colour that makes your cabinets pop. Homeowners are having fun with colours, and reds, greens, blues and yellows are all making an appearance on kitchen cabinets.

Bathroom beautification

NEW HARDWARE-Updated faucets are a quick and easy way to refresh your bathroom. Just make sure the configuration of your brand new purchase matches your existing sink or you’ll be changing a lot more than just the faucets.

Curb appeal

DOORS BY DESIGN-The front door is one of the first things guests see when they pull up to your home. While some opt for something neutral that blends with the rest of the home’s façade, others are thinking outside the box and choosing hues that pop. Shades of yellow and red are particularly popular for front doors. Other inviting colours include cool turquoise, electric orange and soft grape.

LOVELY LAYERS-There’s something traditional yet modern about the addition of shutters and trim to a home. It’s an extra layer of beauty that adds character to your home’s exterior. From wood and aluminum to vinyl and composite, shutters are a great addition. Trim work can be as detailed or as simple as you desire. It’s all about adding those little details that make your home truly unique.

An overall update

FINISHING TOUCHES-You’d be surprised the difference crown molding can make. Any room in your home will instantly look and feel ultra-refined with the finishing touch of crown moulding. Whatever style you choose, make sure the molding complements the architecture of the home and doesn’t overwhelm or look out of place in the space.

These simple revamps are a great start to being home-happy once again.