Prep Your Home for Summer

Summer? Is that you? This week on the blog we’re giving three cheers for sunshine and sharing a few simple ways to say bye bye to heavy layers and heated blankets and hello to sun hats and flip flops.

Kick winter remnants to the curb.

If you’re really ready to embrace the summer season, the first plan of attack is to remove any trace of Old Man Winter. Heavy rugs and thick blankets can be put away until next year. Winter décor can be replaced with fresh cut flowers and light and airy hues. Removing those winter reminders will do wonders to brighten and lighten your home’s interior.

Fresh paint.

Different shades evoke different moods. For that fun-in-the-sun vibe, pull out your paintbrush and colour swatches and give your home an update. Perhaps your front door is looking a little drab and could use a cheery pick-me-up. Or maybe your home’s trim and shutters are seriously bringing down your curb appeal. Take your time selecting shades and make sure you choose a quality exterior paint that won’t fade or chip at the first rainfall.

Give windows a wash.

It’s amazing what a little soap and water will do. To ensure your home’s interior is getting as much natural light as possible, give all windows in your home a good scrub on the inside and out.

Mudroom makeover.

(We hope) you won’t be needing those toques, scarves and mittens anymore! Fill a Rubbermaid with any items that won’t be needed for the next few months and store away until next winter. Fill the mudroom with your summer essentials. Beach bags, sunscreen, flip flops and sun hats are all go-to items you’ll want all summer long. Select a few baskets or crates to keep things organized.

Bring the indoors out.

Your outdoor living area can be just as beautiful as any indoor living space with a good clean and outdoor décor essentials. Clean all patio furniture and any other outdoor décor to have it looking its best for the first party of the season. Things like outdoor rugs, lounge chairs, potted plants and florals and outdoor cushions and throws all make an outdoor space more inviting. In the evening, string lights or lanterns set the mood for relaxed summer gatherings.

These simple adjustments will have your home summer-ready in no time!



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