Power of Paint

Cabinets in great condition but screaming for a spruce? Basement feeling dark and dingy? Bathroom outdated? Paint is the perfect solution to breathe new life into a space.

When it comes to choosing a paint colour, green, yellow, blue and red just don’t cut it anymore. These days, you’ve got options. Victoria Plum. Royal Breeze. Waffle Cone. Moonshine. Bee. Wasabi. While some are more self-explanatory than others, all hues are beautiful additions to the ever-evolving colour wheel.

And colour isn’t the only fun factor when selecting your perfect shade. Homeowners are also getting creative with texture and design. Feature walls, stripes, and chalkboard paint are all common requests. Painting party anyone?

Feature wall

Is there a bold colour you absolutely love, but you know an entire wall-to-wall sweep would overwhelm your space? Enter the feature or accent wall. Painting or designing one wall a contrasting colour from the rest of the room is called a feature wall. It’s a great way to add a shot of colour to a softer space and immediately draws the eye to a desired focal point.

But don’t just paint a wall a different colour for whimsy’s sake. The room may end up looking confused and out of sorts. Use the feature wall to “feature” something. Maybe it’s a fireplace and mantle, a framed photo gallery or a large picture window. Your desired paint colour will be the perfect backdrop for whatever you choose to highlight.

Keep in mind that feature walls are subjective décor. They speak to the homeowner’s taste and may not be admired by all. If you’re prepping your house to sell, forego the fun of a feature wall.

Chalkboard paint

Since the beginning of time, we’ve instructed our children not to write on the walls. Thanks to chalkboard paint, that golden rule has gone right out the window. Chalkboard paint isn’t new to the painting world, but it’s been on high trend alert these past few years and we’ve seen it used in varying degrees. A dining nook now has a built-in menu board on the wall. The interior of a cabinet door has now become an erasable grocery list. And an office space holds an oversized daily calendar for all employees to review and re-write. The uses are endless and the results are fun for the whole family.


Texture paint comes in multiple finishes, including smooth, sand and “popcorn” ceiling. This specialty product is specifically created to hold textured designs. One great bonus of texture paint is its ability to hide imperfections. Gaffs or marks on the wall will become much more “Where’s Waldo” when it’s covered in a coloured texture.

Did you know we love painting? For a quick spruce or a complete room-to-room overhaul, call i love renovations to complete your painting projects today. You’d be surprised of the power of a fresh coat of paint!

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