Open Concept Living

An open concept renovation is a popular request and the transformation is always beautiful. When multiple rooms are converted into one large, open space, the home tends to feel larger and brighter. If you’re considering open concept living, keep these tips in mind.

Load-bearing walls

There are several structural considerations when planning for an open concept renovation. Grabbing a hammer or saw and going to town on your home’s interior walls is not Step No. 1 in the process. Every wall has a purpose, and some may have much more responsibility than you realize. A structural expert will determine which walls are load-bearing. Additional ceiling joists or support columns may be required to replace those walls that carry a heavy and crucial load.

Think of the space in terms of zones
Despite going from two or three separate rooms to one larger space, you should still think of the area in sections and create a floorplan within those sections. A large sofa or smaller settee can break up the living room and dining room and provide division between the two. An area rug will make the living room feel warmer and more intimate now that walls are no longer closing in the space. An open concept floorplan can feel stark and overwhelming if not designed properly.

Flexible lighting
Remember you are no longer lighting one small space. Dimmers are wonderful additions to an open concept plan as they give you the ability to brighten one area while dimming another. When in the kitchen, workspaces should always be bright and well-lit, while a living room may call for a cozier vibe and the addition of a reading lamp or table lamps may be all that is needed.

Cohesive flooring
Continuity is key when making selections for an open concept space. When selecting flooring, going from carpet, to tile, to hardwood may be too stark of a contrast. You may consider a transition strip to bridge the seams, but if you’re able to use similar flooring in the living room and dining room, for example, it will be a clean look that will make the transition to open concept living look and feel even smoother.

Cohesive wall colours
Wall colours are another consideration. Choose shades that complement one another and flow seamlessly from zone to zone. You can still get creative with your choices, just keep in mind you’ll be able to see all shades when standing in one place, so the eye should flow from room to room with ease.

Storage solutions
Perhaps the dining room used to act as an office or homework station and those now missing walls acted as a shield against the clutter. Or maybe once you finished whipping up your latest creation in the kitchen, the space full of dirty pots and pans and cluttered countertops was off-limits for the remainder of the evening. Open-concept living puts all spaces on view and there’s no more hiding odds and ends when company calls. Storage solutions will be a welcome addition to an open concept reno and will ensure rooms remain neat and tidy.

Open concept living is the best solution to a confined space. If you’ve got an open concept reno on your wish list, let’s chat! Check out our portfolio at and call 902-488-5683.

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