Open-Concept Compromise

We get a lot of requests for open floor plans. There’s something fresh and airy about a main floor that feels spacious and fluid. And while this design style is still preferred by many, others are starting to explore the “broken floor plan.” Read on to discover how you can create that open-concept feel without losing the comfort of closed-in spaces.

Open is optional

Let’s say you recently purchased an older home or have been living in an older home for quite some time. Like most old home, the structure is made up of several smaller rooms. While you love the home, you’re ready for something a little more open. Your first instinct may be to knock down every non-load-bearing wall in sight, but there may be a less drastic adjustment.

To avoid losing all privacy, consider sliding or pocket doors, or the oh-so-popular sliding barn doors. A few well-placed barn doors at different interior entry points will create an open feel without losing the option of “closed doors.” On top of that, widening interior entryways will create even more openness without going full destruction on your home’s current structure.

Covering the kitchen

An open-concept floor plan usually includes a wide-open kitchen that spills into the dining room and living area. While this is a popular layout, not everyone is comfortable having their kitchen on full display when guests arrive for dinner.

A good compromise is a half wall that may include added storage and a pass-through window. This way, the chef can still converse and keep an eye on guests without feeling completely exposed. This is also a solid solution to hide the cooking chaos of pots and pans, cutting boards and scraps that will sit in the kitchen until guests leave and it’s time to clean up.

Keeping it cozy

When the sun is shining, open-concept floor plans allow natural light to flood the entire main living area. But sometimes, homeowners long for that small and cozy space that feels a little more closed-in. If you desire open-concept, but would still like the option of a smaller space without putting up walls, consider taking advantage of that unused corner or nook within your open floor plan.

A custom built-in bench, a comfy arm chair and a plush area rug are all great additions to create a corner of warmth and relaxation. This way, you have the set-apart room feel without closed-in walls and dividers.

Whether you’re knocking down walls or adding sliding doors, select the plan that works best for you and your family. For even more renovation inspiration, check out!

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