October Checklist

We love October. The leaves are changing, scarves and boots are peppering the sidewalks, and the morning air has a hint of crispness that makes you want to stay under the covers just a few minutes longer. Enjoy your home to the fullest this fall by checking these October to-dos off your list.

Caulk cracks and gaps in siding
As the temperatures begin to drop, even the smallest cracks and gaps can have an impact on your heating bill. Check around windows, doors and vents for any openings. Dealing with this now could save you money later.

Check weather stripping
Weather stripping and thresholds are also key factors to your home’s energy efficiency. Check for wear and tear and replace any damaged stripping or threshold seals at the bottom of doors.

Clean gutters
Remove any fallen leaves from gutters and downspouts. Flush the area with water and ensure all joints and brackets are firmly secured. Replace damaged gutters.

Cracked driveway
Inspect driveway for cracks. Check your driveway’s condition now before the temperature drops and the cracks expand.

Green thumbs
Don’t forget about your garden. Continue to clean up any dead and full-bloomed plants and vegetables. Now is the time to prepare for spring-flowering bulbs. Winterize landscaping.

Clean yard equipment
Prepare your yard equipment for winter hibernation. Make sure items are clean and any fuel is drained to ensure they’re in good working order for next season.

Rake and remove dead leaves
It’s that time of year again. If your yard is surrounded by trees, you’ll be busy this month. Choose a rake with a comfortable grip that suits your height.

Prep the fireplace
Make sure your wood-burning fireplace is in good working order and ready to go. Book a professional chimney clean and stock up on firewood.

Fresh coat of paint
An easy room revamp is a fresh coat of paint. If you’re tired with the lighter side of the colour wheel, consider warmer tones. Yellows, oranges and reds are all richer hues that bring outside colours in.

Let there be light
Natural light becomes more of a luxury as we approach winter. Amp up a dark space with industrial lamps, dramatic chandeliers or simple track or pot lighting.

Check heating system
A licensed heating contractor can ensure your heating system is clean, in good working order and using fuel efficiently. Deal with this now to avoid freezing later.

Fresh décor for fall
A pumpkin here and a wool throw there will cozy up any space in your home. Rich tones and layers provide a sense of warmth to a room.

Happy October from all of us at i love renovations!

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