November Home Checklist

November is the perfect month for pre-planning and outdoor grooming. December is sure to fill up quickly so now’s the time to be proactive and attack those tasks that will make for a smoother transition into the winter months.

Safety first.

As the temperature continues to drop, ice and snow becomes a serious hazard. Clear pathways and front steps of any debris and ensure railways are secure. As days continue to get darker sooner, you’ll want to ensure the exterior of your home is well lit. Test exterior bulbs and replace as needed.

Store lawn equipment.

Clean and dry lawn equipment and store away until the next season. Taking care of any maintenance and cleaning now will save you the headache on that first use next year. Make sure equipment is stored in a safe area and away from outdoor elements to avoid damage and rust.

Clear gutters.

Remove leaves and any debris from gutters before temperatures drop to freezing. Check for cracks and holes which may lead to interior flooding.

Create an ample amount of entryway storage.

During the winter months, the front entryway or mudroom becomes a common dumping ground. Hats, mittens, gloves, scarves and boots can become a clutter nightmare pretty quickly if proper storage isn’t in place. Ensure you have enough hooks, shelves, and cubbies to store outdoor winter necessities. Check out our blog post on storage solutions for great ideas on how to control clutter.

Organize closets.

Pure. Purge. Purge. Bulky fall and winter clothing can take up a lot of space in your closet. Remove any items you know you won’t wear this season and make way for any new purchases. There are so many creative layouts for closets. Discover what works best for you.

Deep clean the kitchen. 

Give your kitchen a serious clean. From holiday baking to hosting dinner parties and overnight guests, now’s the time to ensure your kitchen is in tip top shape.

Make a game plan. 

Don’t wait for December to tackle holiday-related to-dos. There’s lots you can do this month to stay ahead of the game. Prepping linens, polishing silverware, adding a fresh coat of paint in the guestroom and making your gift list are all things you can do now to avoid stress later.

Give back.

If you know December will fill up quickly, take some time this month to volunteer in your local community. Your local food bank is already preparing for next month and an extra set of hands or a donation is welcome every month of the year.

For clever storage solutions, more helpful to-do lists and renovation inspiration, check out our full blog at Happy November!

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