November Checklist

To kick start a new month, i love renovations’ November home checklist is all about preparing your home for the cooler months ahead. November is somewhat of a transition month for homeowners. Now’s the time to tie up loose ends on the outside and begin to draw your attention to the cozy inside. Let’s get started!

Squeaky door hinges.

Doors get a serious daily workout. Rejuvenate hinges and squash that annoying squeaky noise with a fresh shot of oil or grease.

Test and clean smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

With colder weather looming, furnaces and fireplaces will soon kick into high gear. Be proactive and ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in good working order with a full dusting and battery check.

Re-evaluate storage needs.

Outdoor tools are now being stored inside the garage. Hats, mitts, scarves and boots have begun taking over entryways, and those eager beaver holiday shoppers are looking for creative places to stash their haul. If clutter is turning chaotic, consider adding extra storage. Built-in shelves, a closet addition or simply a basket or two in the mudroom are perfect solutions for all of that added stuff.

Trim problem trees.

Now’s the perfect time to trim branches that may turn into a hazard during the upcoming stormy months. Branches that lay low or rest on overhangs and roofs should be removed. Taking care of this now means avoiding greater damage later.

Remove leaves.

Leaves will soon be far and few between. Remove those final gatherings from the lawn, driveway, gutters and downspouts before the first snowfall.

Weather strip garage door.

The garage can be a main culprit for allowing outside air in. Put a stop to unwelcome cool drafts by creating a tight seal between the ground and your garage door. This is also useful to keep out small animals.

Drain garden hoses and store inside.

Water left in pipes and faucets during the cooler months have a tendency to freeze and expand. Ensure your hose and pipes are well-drained and shut off. Store your hose inside to make sure it’s ready to go next season.

Store lawn care equipment.

Gas-operated lawn equipment, such as mowers and leaf blowers, should be drained of any leftover fuel and stored inside. While you’re at it, test your snow equipment. Leaving such tasks to the last minute could have you scrambling next month.

There’s lots to do in November to ensure you enjoy your home to the fullest. If tackling a to-do list doesn’t sound like your idea of the perfect Saturday, then check out or call 902-488-5683. Whether you’re in need of a kitchen overhaul, a fresh coat of paint in the living room, or extra storage in the mudroom, we’d be happy to help. As your one-stop shop for all things home improvement, one call to the experts means all that’s left to do is cozy up with a good book and enjoy your new space. Happy November!

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