May Home Maintenance Checklist

With the unpredictable April weather behind us, we’ve got our fingers crossed that May will bring plenty of sunny days and warmer nights. This month, our checklist focuses on giving the outside (and a bit of the inside) of your home a good spruce.

Clean windows and doors.

April showers can turn your window panes into a cloudy mess. Plan a day to clean your windows and glass doors. Water and white vinegar is a simple solution to clear away grime. Wipe clean with a microfibre cloth.

Clean and repair (or replace) window screens.

There are few things more annoying than when a pesky insect makes its way into your home. Check all window and door screens for any holes. Remove winter grime by soaking and scrubbing dirty screens in soapy water. Rinse screens with a hose and place in the sun to dry.

Touch up siding and trim.

Peeled or cracked siding will leave the exterior of your home exposed and more vulnerable to possible water damage. As opposed to coating the entire house in a fresh coat of paint, tackle smaller patches with a paintbrush. Before painting, remove any grime to ensure paint adheres to the surface. Scrape any peeling paint and use a sander to taper edges. Once you apply the matching paint colour, feather the edges so the new application won’t be visible.

Clean and refinish wood deck.

Your deck may be in need of a little TLC following the colder months. Do a once-over and check for deteriorating or loose boards, protruding nails, rough spots which may cause splinters, loose railings, cracks and holes. Taking care of your deck now will ensure a safe summer in your outdoor oasis.

Clean outdoor patio furniture.

Your patio furniture may have collected a bit of dust and grime over the past several months. Give them a good polish before putting them out on display.

Check safety devices.

Test the smoke alarms, carbon monoxide monitor and fire extinguisher to ensure they’re in good working order. Replace batteries as needed.

Touch up interior paint.

Go through each room in your home, examining the trim, ceilings, and doors. Make a note of any areas where paint has stained or chipped and take a day to go over each area with matching leftover paint.

Increase curb appeal.

Take a few steps back on your front lawn and examine the exterior of your home. Make a note of those areas which detract from the beauty of your yard. Simple changes to increase curb appeal include a new pop of colour on the front door, a fresh garden bed or large potted flowers, and fresh sod for your lawn.

Clean shed.

An outdoor shed can quickly become a dumping ground for random odds and ends. Take a day to go through each item and decipher what to keep and what to throw away. While you’re there, clean garden equipment and make sure the lawn mower is ready to go.

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