March Home Checklist

Spring is in the air! This month, we’re gearing up for a new season by giving the inside (and outside!) of your home a little TLC. Check out this month’s top to-dos!

Inspect and repair roof.

Once the ice and snow melts, it’s the perfect time to inspect your roof for any cracks, leaks or damaged shingles. A heavy rainfall will reveal any moisture entering your home. Fixing these issues now may save you costly repairs in the future.

Fireplace maintenance.

As outside temperatures continue to rise, you’ll soon no longer need your fireplace to warm your home. Remove any ashes and residue and close the damper to prevent rainwater, drafts and small animals from entering your home. (The damper is a flap that closes over the opening to the chimney flue.)

Clean and sharpen garden tools.

Soon enough, you’ll be back outside trimming hedges, mowing the lawn and tending to your garden. Be proactive and ensure your landscaping tools are ready for the season ahead. Shovels and trowels will be good as new with a little elbow grease, whereas pruner’s shears and lawn mower blades will be ready to go after a good sharpen.


You’ll see this one a lot on our monthly to-do lists and the changing of seasons is the perfect time to rummage through clothes, file folders, kitchen pantries and linen closets to remove any items that are just taking up space. Enter the spring season feeling refreshed by kicking the clutter to the curb.

Inspect and repair deck.

Similar to your roof, decks and patios can experience significant wear and tear during the winter months. Once the ice and snow has cleared, give your deck a good once-over and make note of any cracks, loose boards and nails, or shaky hand rails. Cleaning your deck of any built-up debris can prevent mildew and rot from forming between the boards.

Caulk windows and doors.

Examine the caulking around windows and doors and repair any openings that occurred throughout the winter. Taking care of this issue immediately means avoiding costly repairs in the future.

Give your kitchen a thorough clean.

Go beyond the simple countertop and stovetop wipe and give your kitchen a thorough scrub. Remove grease and grime from the range hood, backsplash and fixtures, polish small appliances and pull out larger appliances to get those hard-to-reach areas we generally neglect.

Fill your home with fresh blooms.

It’s amazing what a bouquet of fresh blooms can do to brighten a home. Head to your local florist or farmer’s market and pick a bunch or two of your favourite flowers. Fun fact: Certain potted plants are also air purifiers, so it never hurts to add a touch of green to your living space.

Did you know i love renovations provides handyman services? Give us a shout to tackle your home’s to-do list. Happy March!

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