Tile Installation

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Tile Installation.

We've got all your tile needs covered: from residential remodels to commercial damage repairs and everything in between. Don't hesitate to ask us a question or inquire as to why a certain process has to take place. All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it's like to be in your shoes. i love renovations want you to know just how special your project is to us, so we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first.

Ease of Maintenance.

While no floor remains entirely maintenance-free, ceramic tile comes about as close at it can to being service-free. Short of the tile application of the occasional sealant, applied once every four years or so, tile flooring requires only the regular cleaning that any flooring surface would require. With the installation of grout, tile becomes almost impervious to water damage, and can be virtually hosed off if necessary. Many specialty products are currently available that assist greatly in tile maintenance and upkeep, all of which can be found in nearly any home goods provider or supermarket.


There is a tile option for nearly any application, and your imagination and creativity are your only limitations when installing tile. From porticos in a dining room to a tiled hearth in front of a fireplace, you can adapt tile to nearly any surface, indoors or out. Tile’s adaptability has been exploited throughout Europe, and examples for tile floors can be seen in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and even bedrooms. In some destinations abroad, it is not uncommon to find an entire house tiled wall to wall, in an effort to keep cool.

Our Process.

Demolition – A job well-done starts with the proper removal of the existing surfaces. i love renovations demolition specialists are experienced in minimal dust techniques and are sure to be careful as to not damage any of the surrounding areas. We maintain a clean and safe environment and properly dispose of all debris.

Preparation – The i love renovations team makes sure the preparation process is to the highest standard of quality. We believe that properly preparing the work area is the key to a durable, lifelong installation.

Installation – Tile setting is a form of art. i love renovations installers take great pride in their tile-setting abilities and professional craftsmanship.

Grouting – Picking the proper grout colour is essential to enhancing the overall appearance of a job well-done. Whether you need sanded grout or non-sanded grout, i love renovations works closely with local grout distributors that have just about every colour grout imaginable.

Sealing – Now that we’ve created a wonderful work of art, it's important to keep your tile and grout looking like new for many years to come. i love renovations uses a special impregnating sealer to waterproof and lock in original grout colour and retain the natural beauty of your tile or stone.

Our Guarantee

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Our Mission

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  • Deliver high quality and consistent services.
  • Use environmentall friendly cleaning products.
  • Provide stable jobs with resonable wages.
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards.
  • Make you an extremely satisfied customer.