Sustainable Renovations

Renovating responsibly.

Being eco-friendly and living a sustainable life is a hot topic. The advantages that come out of living green are unbelievable. At i heart renovations, our mission is to create no waste. While staying green, we are able to work with you and complete the renovation of your dreams. We are driven to improve standards, and where possible, we advise our clients to investigate and embrace using recycled materials in their renovations. We believe the outcomes of building green are truly beneficial to the environment and also to your family. Redesign and renovate your home to improve your health and to enjoy an overall better quality of life. We love the opportunity that sustainable renovations create.

How we can achieve this together.

Building or renovating? There’s plenty of ways you can reduce the environmental impact of building and improve the sustainability of your new home or addition without a great deal of extra work or expense. Here’s our top 10 tips:

1. Think green from the word go.

Start thinking about how you can reduce the environmental impact of your building from the outset. Work with your site, not against it. How can you maximize the natural light and airflow? If you’re starting from scratch, you might want to visit the site at different times of the day to get a feel for the breezes, the light, and the views.

2. Make use of existing on-site materials.

Re-use where you can. Bricks can be ideal for paving, and flooring can be used for fencing or shelving – rethinking how to use materials might bring out the creative home builder in you that you didn’t know existed.

3. Minimize your exposure to hazardous materials.

Assess materials in the building to make sure you’re aware of potential risks such as asbestos, lead contaminated paint, or dust. Close contaminated areas off from the rest of the building and make sure you work with plenty of ventilation.

4. Dispose of hazardous materials properly.

Materials such as asbestos should be disposed of properly as they can constitute a significant health risk. Licensed asbestos removal contractors, along with frequently asked questions about fibro and asbestos can be found online.

5. Check your labels and get more information.

Minimize your use of hazardous and environmentally unfriendly materials by checking product labels carefully. Claims such as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ should be inspected closely – a product may contain natural ingredients, but only as a very small percentage of the whole. If you’re not sure about claims made by companies, ask questions and do your research. Sites such as Eco Specifier can provide a useful starting point.

6. Use sustainable materials.

Source sustainable materials whenever you can. Again, check product claims carefully, and remember that salvaged or recycled materials such as timber are not only better for the environment, they often have a special warmth and patina.

7. Insulate. Codes. Quality.

Installing effective insulation is the best way to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, in turn reducing your energy bills. High efficiency = energy savings. Better than code construction practices ensure more durable, longer-lasting renovations.

8. Reduce resource consumption.

Ensure accurate estimating and responsible waste management. 

9. Protect nature.

Create tree protection zones during construction and use responsibly-managed resources.

10. Design to minimize future use of hazardous materials.

There are many ways design can minimize the use of hazardous chemicals once the building work is done and you’re living in your new space. Proper ventilation in wet areas will reduce mould; tight-fitting cabinetry minimizes cracks and crevices loved by rodents and roaches; and insect screens will keep those insects outside where they belong.

Our Mission and Guarantee

If you dream it. We can build it
We will provide our clients with

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Our Values

  • Respect - we value the needs, ideas and individuality of others. We treat all colleagues and clients with fairness and dignity.
  • Integrity - We act with honesty and professionalism, guided by the highest standards of ethical conduct. We take accountability for all our decisions and actions.
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  • Empowerment – We have the necessary tools, training and authority to exceed expectations. We trust and support each other in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions.

Our Service Promise

These service promises are commitments we make to our colleagues, clients, and community. We deliver on these promises, and it helps us make our service unparalled in the construction industry. These promises are based on delivering experiences that are unique to i love renovations and important to you. What are these 5 service promises?

  1. Providing warm, sincere and engaging service that ensures clients feel valued
  2. Treating each and every guest as a unique individual
  3. Anticipating my client’s needs with thoughtful and personal touches
  4. Resolving client problems and never saying “no” without offering an alternatives
  5. Being an ambassador for my brand, my work, my community and my colleagues