roof truss

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We love what we do start to finish. Here you can view examples of our workmanship

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Custom covered deck
Roof going up
Permit obtained

roof truss

Cinder block
Old Halifax homes
Ready for parging

Parging ready

Rot discovered
New windows


Modify stairs
Footings to code
Fall building

deck stairs

Covered area
Screened in
Framing roof

Building the structure

Multi unit
Built to code
Double decker

Double deck

Back deck to driveway
South shore charm


Repurpose old brick
Path to deck
New deck

Old brick – new pathway

To be a covered porch
Framing & decking
Synchronized drilling

Fall Deck Building

Clean up
Still needs mortar
Brick stones

Restaurant Wall 4

Custom build

Front door trim

New window
Weather proofed

Window after

Remove siding
New office
From scratch

Window before

Dust control
Work zone
Poly & protect

Poly & Protect

Last touches
Care & Pride

Finishing Touches

We care
Dust control

Poly & Protect

Protecting your home
Daily installation
Minimizing our impact

Protecting your home

Reinforce opening
Trim out new doorway
Supply interior glass garage door

Office upgrades

New Nova Window
Trimmed inside
Trimmed to match vinyl outside

Window Replacement – After

Remove old window & trim
Keeping your home clean
Protecting floors & furniture

Window Replacement – Before

Front door to project care
Keeping your home clean
Protecting floors and more

Floor Protection

Dust control
Keeping your home clean
Protecting floors and more

We project your home

Structural wall
Design, plan, budget
Construct wall

Garage door inside

We do drywall
Professionally dressed
Sanding, Painting & trim

Wall Construction