IKEA Services

Service Overview

You want a beautiful functional kitchen without the hassle of designing and installing it yourself. i love renovations team of professional designers and highly qualified installers will take care of the job from concept through to completion. The three main services we offer for an IKEA kitchen renovation are;

1. Collect or verify the measurements of your room including:

  •  Room dimension (height, length, width)
  •  Dimension and position of windows and doors
  •  Position of external walls
  •  Width of all windows (including the sill) and their height above the floor
  •  Position of electric, water and gas connections and other fixtures e.g. Pipes, radiators
  •  Confirm that all room corners are square
  •  Confirm that all included walls are plumb

2. We will provide you with a one of our professional Designers:

  •  One-on-one consultation with one of our professional designers.
  •  Space planning and the design of 1 room. 3D, wall specs and elevation drawings will be provided once the contract is signed in electronic     and paper copy.
  •  Design explanation based on client feedback.
  •  Designer expertise in cabinetry planning. Please bring along your decided upon samples (i.e.: backsplash, flooring or tile choices). Or we   can help with this component as well as a separate service. A finalized kitchen plan provided.

3. Our highly qualified installation service

  • Pick up and delivery of the cabinets
  • Assembly of the IKEA cabinets
  • Installation by our qualified installation team

Bon Appétit! Cook, bake, sip, entertain, relax. Do all those things you dreamed of in your new, functional dream IKEA kitchen by i love renovations



Our Mission and Guarantee

If you dream it. We can build it
We will provide our clients with

  • Workmanship of unrivaled value
  • LIFETIME workmanship warranty
  • Experiences that are authentically personal
  • Service that is engaging

Our Values

  • Respect - we value the needs, ideas and individuality of others. We treat all colleagues and clients with fairness and dignity.
  • Integrity - We act with honesty and professionalism, guided by the highest standards of ethical conduct. We take accountability for all our decisions and actions.
  • Teamwork – we work together to achieve our common goals. We recognize the impact of each individual contribution and the importance of maintaining a co-operative and supportive work environment.
  • Empowerment – We have the necessary tools, training and authority to exceed expectations. We trust and support each other in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions.

Our Service Promise

These service promises are commitments we make to our colleagues, clients, and community. We deliver on these promises, and it helps us make our service unparalled in the construction industry. These promises are based on delivering experiences that are unique to i love renovations and important to you. What are these 5 service promises?

  1. Providing warm, sincere and engaging service that ensures clients feel valued
  2. Treating each and every guest as a unique individual
  3. Anticipating my client’s needs with thoughtful and personal touches
  4. Resolving client problems and never saying “no” without offering an alternatives
  5. Being an ambassador for my brand, my work, my community and my colleagues

IKEA and The Environmental Impact

  IKEA’s entire product is recyclable, and their website states a whopping 40% of most homes’ energy consumption takes place in the kitchen. By installing efficient faucets, appliances and bins for composting, recycling, and waste, you can improve your daily footprint. Other ways IKEA minimizes environmental impact: • Their kitchens are flat packed, which drastically […]

How Much?

The question that comes to mind most often when considering a  kitchen renovation. When choosing an IKEA kitchen, you can expect to save 30-40% on the costs of the cabinets, assembly and installation do add to the bottom line but the savings still remains. With that savings you can upgrade counters from laminate to stone, […]

What makes up an IKEA cabinet?

  IKEA® offers a free 25-year warranty on almost all parts of their kitchens. This incredible warranty covers cabinet frames, door and drawer fronts, UTRUSTA hinges, MAXIMERA fully-extending drawers, shelves of tempered glass and melamine, wire baskets, and more. IKEA uses top-quality Austrian engineered BLUM hardware for all of their moving parts (drawers and door […]