IKEA Packages


We have two packages designed to suit everyone’s needs and budget. The two packages can either complete all three steps during an IKEA kitchen renovation or just one of the components. Measure - design - installation. We of course are a full service renovation company, so if you need a wall moved, floor replaced, backsplash or a completely revamped home with a new kitchen, we can help.

What are the two packages?

1. One stop shopping

You simply get in touch with i love renovations and tell us you're ready for your dream kitchen and we help you from start to end.

2. You help us and we help you

Maybe you have already designed the kitchen and just need someone to complete the installation? Perhaps you can handle the installation and just need a hand in coming up with a  fresh new design? What ever the case we can jump in to help you along the way.

Now before you get started its important to ....


This is the first exciting stage in achieving a wonderful space. Start by thinking about what you love and how you want your custom space to look. Imagine a kitchen that comfortably works for your everyday needs, dream about your redesigned room. If you are in need of inspiration check out the store, houzz, instagram and/or facebook pages

Our Mission and Guarantee

If you dream it. We can build it
We will provide our clients with

  • Workmanship of unrivaled value
  • LIFETIME workmanship warranty
  • Experiences that are authentically personal
  • Service that is engaging

Our Values

  • Respect - we value the needs, ideas and individuality of others. We treat all colleagues and clients with fairness and dignity.
  • Integrity - We act with honesty and professionalism, guided by the highest standards of ethical conduct. We take accountability for all our decisions and actions.
  • Teamwork – we work together to achieve our common goals. We recognize the impact of each individual contribution and the importance of maintaining a co-operative and supportive work environment.
  • Empowerment – We have the necessary tools, training and authority to exceed expectations. We trust and support each other in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions.

Our Service Promise

These service promises are commitments we make to our colleagues, clients, and community. We deliver on these promises, and it helps us make our service unparalled in the construction industry. These promises are based on delivering experiences that are unique to i love renovations and important to you. What are these 5 service promises?

  1. Providing warm, sincere and engaging service that ensures clients feel valued
  2. Treating each and every guest as a unique individual
  3. Anticipating my client’s needs with thoughtful and personal touches
  4. Resolving client problems and never saying “no” without offering an alternatives
  5. Being an ambassador for my brand, my work, my community and my colleagues