Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my renovation cost?
There are literally dozens of variables that determine the final contract amount our clients are willing to pay. Our representatives can often provide callers with a “ball-park” renovation estimate (which is usually within a 10% range of the final detailed quote). Note that calling us for a rough estimate results in no cost to you. Once a specification is prepared, there are nominal fees associated with the time and effort put forth in preparing a presentation for you, which includes drawings prepared by our professional draftsmen.
I have decided to renovate my home. What are the steps I should take before I call i love renovations, or any renovator?

Typically, the first step is deciding on a budget. Renovations normally have several different variables, all of which can have a dramatic effect on the final price. It is therefore usually prudent to have a set budget in mind, which will then allow us to determine which variables suit you best.

Next is deciding what room(s) to renovate and what kinds of changes you are interested in making. Many of our clients have difficulty in the “ideas” stage, and we can certainly help you create your vision.

Lastly, some research is always necessary. The CHBA (Canadian Home Builders Association) has excellent guidelines to follow during your investigation. Every consumer who is seeking a service is concerned with reliability and quality, and look for a proven track-record in the professional they hire.

Does i love renovations specialize in any particular renovations?
Having been in this industry for over a decade, i love renovations has encountered and performed every imaginable type of renovation. As a result, the company has evolved into a complete (start to finish) renovator on interior work and an overall home improvement specialist. That means our contracts normally include all facets of a project (e.g. demolition, plumbing, electrical, drywall, cabinetry, millwork, paint, and much more). Having said that, our interior division specializes in full basement renos and kitchens, bathrooms and updates, including (but certainly not limited to) painting, trim and casing, and flooring. Note that i love renovations provides interior services for residents of the entire HRM. Get a Free Quote Now
We’ve heard horror stories about contractors. How do we protect ourselves?

We have heard those same stories, and we have empathy for those consumers who have had bad experiences with other contractors. Having said that, i love renovations has been able to carve out its own special niche, which is partially attributable to the reputation of our peers. We stand out – and above – with proven quality and reliability, year after year.

Many contractors function as ‘fly-by-night’ operations, which makes it imperative for consumers to do their homework. This includes researching past newspaper articles, contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB), speaking with representatives at the CHBA, and asking your contractor for references.

Will i love renovations be the lowest bidder for our home renovation project?

Frankly, in many cases, i love renovations will not be the lowest bidder for your project. Before that scares you away, the well-known cliché of “you get what you pay for” is perhaps relevant in the construction industry more-so than any other. i love renovations specializes in quality and peace of mind throughout the renovation process.

We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts when getting the job done. We only use the best tradespeople available. We also have a thorough administrative staff to provide a behind-the-scenes foundation, something you can rely on day after day. The lines of communication will always be open, whether it’s related to design, product selection, accounting, project supervision, etc. This overall structure is put in place to ensure your happiness throughout the job, upon completion, and for many years to come.

Do we need to sign a contract?

Yes, you should always have a written agreement between you and your contractor that outlines the scope of work, warranties, timelines, budgets, liability, etc. There needs to be a clear picture of what the contractor is providing.

Does i love renovations provide free estimates?
Yes. There is no charge for you to contact us and have us come to your home to discuss and plan your renovation. Get a Free Quote Now

Our Mission and Guarantee

If you dream it. We can build it
We will provide our clients with

  • Workmanship of unrivaled value
  • LIFETIME workmanship warranty
  • Experiences that are authentically personal
  • Service that is engaging

Our Values

  • Respect - we value the needs, ideas and individuality of others. We treat all colleagues and clients with fairness and dignity.
  • Integrity - We act with honesty and professionalism, guided by the highest standards of ethical conduct. We take accountability for all our decisions and actions.
  • Teamwork – we work together to achieve our common goals. We recognize the impact of each individual contribution and the importance of maintaining a co-operative and supportive work environment.
  • Empowerment – We have the necessary tools, training and authority to exceed expectations. We trust and support each other in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions.

Our Service Promise

These service promises are commitments we make to our colleagues, clients, and community. We deliver on these promises, and it helps us make our service unparalled in the construction industry. These promises are based on delivering experiences that are unique to i love renovations and important to you. What are these 5 service promises?

  1. Providing warm, sincere and engaging service that ensures clients feel valued
  2. Treating each and every guest as a unique individual
  3. Anticipating my client’s needs with thoughtful and personal touches
  4. Resolving client problems and never saying “no” without offering an alternatives
  5. Being an ambassador for my brand, my work, my community and my colleagues