Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

Are you considering renovating your culinary oasis? Read our top trends for the kitchen before the work begins!

Bold fixtures

Kitchen lighting options are endless. Besides the always reliable pot lights and under-cabinet lighting, homeowners are also opting for eye-catching light fixtures. Industrial pendants hung over a culinary workspace make a serious statement in the kitchen and add personality to one of the most-used spaces in the home.

Deep kitchen drawers

Simply put, deep kitchen drawers equals more storage. Always a good thing, right? We love this trend, but keep in mind, with great kitchen drawers comes great organization responsibilities. It can be tempting to just throw everything into such deep compartments, but that means scrambling and stressing when you need to find that slotted spoon that’s buried at the bottom of the drawer. Dividers and inserts allow you to retrieve with ease and keep everything at your fingertips. If your space features a variety of drawer sizes, save the smaller items for the shallow compartments and use the deeper drawers for larger items, such as mixing bowls and food-fresh containers.

Grey is the new white

A classic white kitchen will never go out of style (especially when it looks as good as the black and white kitchen pictured above!), but more and more homeowners are turning to another hue when designing their cabinets or backsplash. Grey is racing to the top of the list when it comes to hue du jour. The beauty of grey is you’re inserting a soft pop of colour while still keeping with the classic kitchen style. It also works well with several other shades, so it’s a great base for any space.

Creative kitchen gadgets

The simple coffee pot and basic microwave just don’t cut it anymore in the kitchen. Homeowners are getting creative and including kitchen accessories that make their culinary experience just a little easier. Things like warming drawers, which ensure a hot meal hits the table once everyone is in place, steam ovens (an alternative to microwaves), and custom built-ins such as appliance garages, which conceal appliances when not in use and flips up or pulls out when needed, are all part of the desired modern kitchen.

Workhorse island

An island has long been a coveted feature in the kitchen. But what was once just a countertop slab for cutting and prepping has evolved into a multi-purpose space the whole family can enjoy. Dubbed the “workhorse island,” it may feature drawers for added storage, a deep prep sink (or farmhouse sink), room for bar stools and so much more.

If you have a kitchen renovation in your future, consider adding one of these top trends to your remodel. For even more inspiration, check out our website at and give us a call at 902-488-5683.