Kitchen Reno Tips

In just two days we’ll be welcoming in a new season. While we’re sad to bid farewell to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, we’re also looking forward to the changing of the leaves, the crisp fall air and the many kitchen parties that are sure to ramp up as the temperatures cool. There are several key elements to a successful kitchen party: a fiddle and guitar are usually honoured guests; delicious food and a drink or two generally make the list; and a fantastic kitchen that is cozy and welcoming is a must.

From materials and electrical to major appliances and cabinet dimensions, there’s lots to think about when planning a kitchen renovation. If you’re gearing up to plan your first indoor soirée of the season, grab some inspiration from us. We’ve provided a few ideas to get you thinking about your next dream kitchen.

Function and flow

A good kitchen has good flow. If it’s normal to have multiple chefs in the kitchen, you’ll want a solid layout that caters to everyone’s needs. Things like wide walkways, six-to-eight burner ranges and the distance from the fridge to the sink to the stove are all factors to consider when mapping out your ideal layout.

Optimize space

A lot of space does not mean you have to fill every nook and cranny with stuff. The key is to optimize the space you have with what you’ll need. Common space traps include the gap between wall cabinets and the ceiling, and shelves that make it practically impossible to find anything if it’s not right in the front. Do an inventory of everything you actually need stored in the kitchen. This will help you plan a practical layout that is clutter-free.

Island living

If you’re planning on adding an island to your culinary oasis, think about its function. If the island is for food prep and also eating, you’ll want a large surface area, perhaps with a raised countertop for eating. That giant block in the middle of the room is also great for storage. As opposed to filling your island countertop with stuff, request built-in storage space and only pull those items out when needed.

Landing space

The dimensions and placement of your countertops are key in creating a kitchen that is functional and hassle-free. Besides height and materials, keep in mind the minor yet essential details, such as an overhang, so any liquids that drip from the counter will fall to the floor and not directly onto your beautiful cabinets. The little things make a big difference.


If you’re sourcing recipes from your tablet or want to charge your phone while still keeping it in view, consider well-placed outlets along the backsplash. Try to keep them away from areas where you know sauces could bubble or liquids could overflow.

Let there be light

Whether you’re slicing and dicing, or clinking glasses with loved ones, a well-lit kitchen can make all the difference. One light in the centre of the ceiling just won’t cut it. Think about your workspace and those areas you want to highlight. Lights over the stove, under the cabinets and central lighting with a dimmer are all integral parts of a kitchen’s ambiance and efficiency.

Think outside the box

Our motto is, “If you dream it – we can build it.” Custom renovations allow you to get creative and create a kitchen that is truly unique to you and your needs. A swing out tap is one of those customizable features that makes your life easier. Instead of dragging the water-filled pot from the sink to the stove, install a “pot filler” near the cooktop so you can keep the heavy pot in place.

Happy renovating and happy fall!

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