July Home Checklist

A new month means a new checklist! Check out our top to-dos for July.

Inspect and repair driveway.

Examine your driveway for any cracks or holes that may have appeared following the winter months. Use a proper sealant or caulk for small fixes or consider resurfacing the entire length of your driveway for a full makeover. Repairing cracks and holes will prevent rainwater from seeping through and undermining the concrete or asphalt.

Create some shade.

If you plan to spend great lengths of time outdoors this summer, consider including shaded areas to avoid over-exposure to the sun’s rays. Canopies, awnings and partial sun blockers are great sources of shade if over-hanging trees are in low supply. A pergola is a partial shade solution which can become even more protective with the addition of plants or weather-resistant fabric.

Keep your home safe while on vacation.

Before you hit the road for a much-needed summer vacation, ensure your home will be safe and well-maintained while away. Rely on a designated house sitter or neighbour to stop by regularly. If assembled, ensure your alarm system is in good working order.

Refresh guest bedroom.

If you’ll be hosting overnight guests this summer, now’s the time to refresh their living quarters. Clear away any clutter or personal items that have built up over previous months, freshen sheets and pillow cases and ensure the bathroom is well stocked with everything they need for an enjoyable visit. A few fun extras are local literature, maps of the city and a treat to nibble on.

Host a yard sale.

This beautiful weather is the perfect time to get rid of any unwanted stuff. Pick a weekend and set up a yard sale. Check in with neighbours as they too may have things they’d like to put up for sale. Remember: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Cut energy and water bills.

Between having the air conditioning on full blast and watering our thirsty lawns and gardens, a lot of energy and water is used over the summer months. To cut down on costs and your environmental footprint, consider: fixing leaks in faucets and irrigation systems; watering your garden and lawn in the early morning or evening; collecting rainwater to use in the garden; and using fans and open windows on the not-as-hot days instead of air conditioning.

Groom garden.

Whether vegetable or floral, keep a watchful eye on your beautiful garden and provide maintenance as needed. Tending to your garden regularly will ensure the fruits of your labour grow to full potential.

Check safety devices.

Ensure carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are in good working order and replace batteries if needed. Check expiration dates on fire extinguishers.

Clean windows inside and out.

Let the sun shine brightly throughout your home by keeping windows clean and sparkling. Use a window washing hose attachment for hard to reach areas.

Stay on top of home maintenance to avoid costly repairs down the road. For even more ideas and home inspiration, check out our blog at iloverenovations.ca.


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