Halifax Building permit fee schedule

Residential Fee Schedule

Building Permit Fees: 

For new construction or addition to existing building, fees are based on the floor area.   All floors at or above the average finished grade surrounding the building are $0.30 a square foot.  All floors below the average finished grade, not more than 5.5 ft are $0.25 a square foot.  Basements (finished/unfinished at greater than 5.5 ft below grade) are $0.10 a square foot, as are attached and detached garages. For renovation and repairs; decks, pools, and all other construction, the permit fee is $5.50 per $1000.00 of the estimated value of construction.  There is a minimum fee of $25.00.


Plumbing fee:

New Residential Construction to contain four units or less- $50.00 per unit

Other multiple unit residential buildings- $25.00 per unit

Additions or renovations to residential buildings (no new units) – $25.00

Non-Residential Buildings:  5 or less fixtures – $25.00; 6 or more fixtures- $50.00


Development Permit fees:

New or additions to single or 2 units – $100.00

New or addition to 3 units or more – $250.00

Renovations to single or 2 units – $25.00

Renovations to 3 or more units – $100.00

Decks, Pools, Sheds – $25.00


Occupancy Permit



Lot Grading Fees and Deposits:

$75.00 (for all serviced areas)

$1000.00 deposit (may be required at occupancy if grading is incomplete)

Sewer Redevelopment Charge:

$0.30 /sq ft for all floors (applicable in serviced areas)


Sewer Treatment Charge:

Single Unit -$880.00 per unit

2 or more units -$590.00 per unit


Solid Waste Charge:

$229.70 per residential unit

(Adjusted annually)


Blasting Permit Fees:

Less than 50 cubic meters- $100.00

More than 50 cubic meters- $600.00 (plus a $5000.00 security deposit.)


Streets and Services fees and deposits:

(Name of valid Contractor required at time of application)

Driveway access/culvert – $200.00

Lateral connection to main – $200.00

Sewer Cap-off – $200.00

Future Settlement Charge: $90.00 to $390.00 (varies by street)

Deposit – $1000.00 (refundable, upon approved reinstatement)


HRWC Service Lateral Inspection fee:

$90.00 per service lateral (residential water or sewer)


Demolition Permit



Any discrepancy between this document and the related by-laws, the by-law will prevail.  Fees are subject to change without notice.


All fees and applicable deposits must be paid at the time of the Application.


Source Halifax.ca

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