Go Green

Did you know Friday, April 22, 2016 is Earth Day? This week on the blog, we’re sharing what you can do to make your home more eco-friendly. When diving into your next renovation, consider these “go green” tips.


Soak up the sun.

Open blinds, drapes and shutters for a two-fold eco-friendly solution. Natural light will lessen the need to turn on lamps and overhead lighting. The warm sunshine creates a natural heat source on cooler days.

The power of plants.

Plants are excellent air filters for your home, and certain types will absorb harmful pollutants. Among other air filtering foliage, fill your home with spider plants, Boston ferns and peace lily.

Install a carbon monoxide monitor.

Exposure to carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous. Install carbon monoxide monitors in your home to track this odourless gas.

Replace bulbs.

Compact fluorescent lightbulbs use a quarter of the electricity of regular incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer.

Donate. Donate. Donate.

When doing a demo, not everything belongs in the landfill. Instead of throwing out that old chandelier, those unwanted cabinets, and used appliances, consider donating old items to a local consignment shop. Habitat for Humanity ReStore welcomes unwanted materials. All profits from sales are used to fund future projects.

Reclaimed materials.

Brand new materials aren’t the only option when doing a room revamp. Reclaimed wood is growing in popularity and is a chic and rustic element to an eco-friendly renovation.

Think local.

Sourcing materials locally not only cuts down on the energy used for shipping, but it also supports your local economy.

Turn off the lights.

This is a simple one. When you leave a room – turn off the lights. You’ll save energy and money. Don’t want the bulbs on full blast? Consider a dimmer.

Energy-efficient windows.

Windows can make your home’s heating and cooling system work on overdrive if not properly sealed. Go one step further and install low-E Energy Star windows and skylights. While more expensive than regular windows, the savings in your monthly bill will be worth the extra dollars in the long run.

Regulate temperatures.

An electronic thermostat offers pre-programmed settings to regulate your home’s temperature in the summer and winter; whether home, asleep, or away. These pre-set temperature levels add convenience and accuracy, not to mention save energy and money by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Consider low-VOC paints.

Many paint products contain polluting volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Low-VOC paints are an environmentally-friendly alternative.

Energy-efficient appliances.

Stamped with the Energy Star logo, energy-efficient refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washers and dryers are an eco-friendly investment. While pricier than other large appliances, the cost savings will be beneficial in the long run.


Proper insulation means your home is protected from all outdoor elements. For a warmer winter and a cooler summer, ensure your home is well insulated from top to bottom.

For even more information on sustainable renovations, check out our website at iloverenovations.ca.

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