Fix Now-Save Later

Putting off simple home maintenance tasks now could mean major and costly repairs in the future. Just like your body needs regular checkups to make sure everything is in good working order, your home needs that same TLC.  Consistent upkeep and care is all it takes to ensure a safe and comfortable home.

Deck boards

Deck boards and railings become loose over time. Soft boards can lead to a minor or major collapse. For the safety- and budget-conscious, ensure your deck is structurally sound and able to hold its own. Test railings for any give and wiggle. If all you’re facing is a few damaged boards, then an entire deck overhaul may not be necessary. With winter looming, ensure your deck is ready to carry the snowy load ahead.

Peeling exterior paint

Sometimes it’s easy to spot peeling exterior paint, and while it may seem like a minor issue, touch-ups are advisable to avoid major repairs in the future. When protective finish peels, bits and pieces of your home are left exposed, which can lead to leaks and wood rot. Scraping, sanding, priming and repainting areas that have a worn finish is a much easier fix than total rot overhauls that can trickle to multiple areas of your home.

Check seals on windows and doors  

Fixing drafts in windows and doors can save homeowners a ton of money on heating costs every month. Keep warm air in and cold air out by properly sealing your home. Weather stripping, caulking, or proper insulation are all solutions to stop drafts. Windows and doors aren’t the only air leak culprits. Other sources may be found in those tucked away nooks and crannies in the attic or basement of your home.

Update high-energy appliances

Initial sticker shock may turn people away from switching to energy-efficient appliances, but the long-lasting effects will have an enormous improvement on your home’s energy and heating bills. When your current major appliances reach the end of their rope, consider replacements marked with the ENERGY STAR logo. This seal of approval means the product has superior energy efficiency.


Clean gutters keep water off the roof and avoid water trickling down the sides of your home. Built-up leaves and gunk will clog, crack, bend or rust your gutters. Clean your gutters regularly and scoop out any debris that may be stopping the free flow of moisture. Putting this task off can lead to rotting boards, framing and drywall.

Tub caulk and grout

This is a quick fix to avoid bigger issues down the road. Missing or dwindling caulk allows water to seep in walls, which may result in mold, or worse, wall failure.

Dust and test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be tested at least once a month and batteries replaced at least twice a year. This simple task should take top priority when making your monthly home maintenance to-do list.

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