From the DIY Network to the multitude of Pinterest pins, homeowners are now feeling more empowered than ever to break out their tool belts and tackle those home renovation projects. But some tasks are better left to the professionals. Before you grab that sledgehammer and fall victim to the devastation of a DIY gone wrong, check out our list of professional-preferred renos that really require an expert hand.

Granite and marble

These two coveted materials are not only beautiful but also expensive. The wrong measurements and a messy installation could mean you just wasted a huge chunk of your budget. Such a pricey project just isn’t worth the DIY bragging rights.


Electrical work can be complicated and tedious. There are certain standards that must be met when installing electrical wires and a certified electrician is always the safest option to ensure its done right. Over-heated wires and overworked circuit breakers are not issues you want to deal with yourself. An expert will ensure it’s done right the first time.

Wall demos

Walls are the support system to your home. Knock down a weight-bearing wall and you’re essentially messing with the structure of your home. No matter how attractive it may sound to grab a hammer and start attacking that wall to open up your space, remember that you no idea if this is simply a cosmetic wall or a necessity to the home. A professional will ensure walls are removed properly and easily and that the necessary support is in place before its removal.

Window installation

This may sound like an easy one, but there are factors to consider when installing new windows. If windows are improperly installed, air leakages and water damage may occur. A professional window installer can have your old windows out and your new windows in quickly and easily, saving you a possible DIY disaster.

Hardwood floor installation

When watching floor installers at work, it may look like they’re putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle, and the ease at which they complete the task may have you thinking, “I could do that myself.” But keep in mind, the biggest reason the process is so seamless is because expert floor installers come prepared with all of the specialized tools and knowledge to get the job done right and on time.

So what’s the bottom line? Don’t be a hero. Those bigger tasks, including full bathroom renos, additions, insulation and foundation work also fall under the DIY-don’t category. You’ve got enough on your plate as it is – let the professionals take care of the rest.

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