Decor Trends for Fall

Decor Trends for Fall

Besides the leaves changing colours, the crisp morning air and the pumpkin spice lattes, fall also brings some fabulous design trends. Check out a few of our favourites and try them in your own home this season!

Mix and match

We love when homeowners think outside the box and experiment with multiple design trends in one space. Mix traditional and modern, or vintage and brand new for a style that is uniquely you. If you don’t want to get too crazy, start with something simple like mismatched dining room chairs. A fresh coat of paint on an old wooden chair found at a yard sale is a great way to breathe new life into a dated piece.

Mixing bright colours

When selecting the colour palette for your space, there’s no need to commit to only one or two shades. The colour wheel is constantly evolving and so too should your design style. Blues, greens, yellows and pops of red bring a drab space to life. As you create your space, connect colours together with pillows, throws, ottomans and decorative trays. A good starting point is to select one object you absolutely love and build around that piece.

Distinct design for each space

Each space in a home should be a direct reflection of the homeowner. Did you and the fam have an amazing beach vacation this summer? Bring that beachy, airy style into your space. Each room can tell a story. Display treasured books, arts and collectibles to make each space special.

The curated look

This may be a favourite trend for those treasure-hunting individuals who can be found on a Saturday morning at estate sales, thrift shops or browsing Etsy for the next unique find. Instead of storing everything away to collect dust, pull those special items out of hiding and display them around your home like a mini museum. Hang prints and plates like a galley wall to give your guests plenty to talk about on their next visit. The more whimsical and quirky, the better!

Bright on black

For high contrast design, prop bright and bold colours against a black or white backdrop. A solid-coloured wall brings accent pieces to life and also makes decorating with colour much easier.

Play with patterns

Fall décor is bursting with fun patterns and we’re loving this design trend. If you’re unsure which patterns pair well together, then start small and throw in a few polka dot throw pillows and a striped chair or ottoman. Bring your tablespace to life with patterned placemats, serving dishes and dinnerware. Keep things interesting by incorporating multiple patterns into your space.


This is not a new trend, but it’s still one of our favourites. Cooler weather calls for layers – not only for your wardrobe, but also for your home décor. Cable knit pillows, plush area rugs and plaid throws are all cozy additions to warm your home.

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