Decks by Design

The deck days of summer have arrived (finally!) and we’re sharing some of our favourite design trends for the sunny season!

Treat your outdoor space as a bonus room

If you’ve got the space, a deck is essentially an extension of your home. Outdoor furniture and rugs, sun and rain shields and grills and outdoor kitchens are all possible with a little planning. Throw in a few throw cushions and blankets for cooler nights and you’re sure to be the envy of every backyard bash!

Built-in flower and herb boxes

We love this addition to a deck renovation. If your backyard isn’t suitable for a little vegetation or fresh blooms, consider adding a few built-in boxes to grow to your heart’s desire. Fresh blooms for a pop of colour or herbs readily available for your next culinary masterpiece can be at your fingertips! Just make sure the boxes are placed strategically to ensure they’re getting enough sun or shade.


A pergola is a great architectural design feature that adds another dimension to a simple deck renovation. Simply put, a pergola is an overhead framework that is usually covered with hanging plants or vines. The beauty of the pergola is you can control its coverage from the sun. A few delicately draped outdoor linens or hanging vines add instant shade to a sunny space.

Double decks

Whether your backyard is on a steep incline or your back door to the backyard is a deep drop, a double deck may be your best option. Multiple levels joined by staircases add function to an outdoor space. Just like the inside of your home, have fun creating different entertainment spaces and lounge areas on the various levels.

Privacy wall

While we’re sure your neighbours are lovely people, you may not want them having a direct view into your outdoor space. A privacy wall (or two) is the perfect solution to close outdoor living quarters.


When it comes to railing designs, the options are endless. If you don’t want to block a beautiful view, see-through slats or glass are great options. Besides the view, the main considerations when choosing a deck railing are how easy it will be to maintain and how it will stand up to a variety of weather conditions.

The options are endless when creating your outdoor oasis. With a little creativity and a lot of love, you’ll be basking in the summer sunshine in no time. If you dream it; we can build it!

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