December Home Maintenance Checklist

To prepare for December, i love renovations is making a list and checking it twice. Our home maintenance tasks are fun and festive, and ensure you’ll be warm and cozy all winter long.

Check attic insulation

The attic tends to fall victim to the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But proper insulation in the attic makes a huge difference on heating your home, not to mention a positive impact on your energy bill. Ensure your attic is properly insulated for the upcoming winter months.

Disconnect and drain garden hoses

Disconnect garden hoses and drain outdoor pipes to prevent damage. If not done before the temperatures drop, ice can form inside pipes, putting pressure on the water lines inside your home.

Insulate pipes

When frigid temperatures abound, pipes found in un-heated or exterior areas of your home can freeze, possibly causing flooding and costly water damage. Insulating pipes is an easy preventative measure for moderately cold climates.

Décor inventory

The countdown is officially on for the festive season! Before you deck the halls and trim the tree, check the condition of your holiday décor. Ensure tree and house lights are in good working order and bulbs are ready to shine bright. Check ornaments for casualties and make sure none were harmed while stored.

Update emergency kit

Winter weather can be unpredictable. A home emergency kit is a proactive way to prepare for whatever the upcoming months may bring. Things like batteries, candles and flashlights will all come in handy during an emergency. Your kit can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Start with the bare necessities and build from there.

Inventory of outdoor winter tools

Shovels and snow blowers didn’t see much rest last winter. It may be time to check those tools that got you through last season and ensure they’re ready to go for this year. Having this checked off your list before the first snowfall means you won’t be trekking to the home store last-minute when those tools throw in the towel.

Holiday nibbles

People tend to be more prone to “pop in” during December. With this is mind, it never hurts to have some holiday goodies on-hand when unexpected visitors grace your front door. Stock up on easy entertaining nibbles that are ready at a moment’s notice.


A layered home is warm and inviting. Throws, pillows and rugs all come to mind when thinking about December décor. And the softer the material, the better! Mix and match colours for a design that is truly unique to you.

Stock up on fire wood

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by the fire’s glow on a cold winter’s night. Whether you’re lumberjack-savvy or purchase ready-to-burn wood from the store, start stocking up now to ensure you’re not left in the lurch when a cozy night at home is in order.

Enjoy time with loved ones

Now that you’ve prepped your home for all December may bring, there’s nothing left to do but to kick back, relax and enjoy time with family and friends. You’ve earned it!

There’s several preventative measures you can take to ensure freezing temperatures don’t wreak havoc on your home. One call to i love renovations for all of your handyman and home repair needs is all it takes to enjoy a warm and cozy winter. Call 902-488-5683 today!

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