Countdown to Christmas Checklist

Countdown to Christmas Checklist

Christmas is just days away (insert shouts of joy here!) and many are crossing off their final to-dos to ensure a holly jolly holiday. To cut down on the stress and because we love a good list, we’ve compiled a checklist of final Christmas preparations to make sure you don’t forget a thing.

Clean and organize your home.

Depending on the state of your home, this may be a big task, so tackling a little each day leading up to Christmas will make a big difference. Get rid of any useless items in your fridge to make room for whatever’s on the Christmas menu. Put any unused décor and wrapping supplies in storage and make sure everything you’ll need once you start your Christmas feast is easily accessible so you’re not scrambling to find that turkey baster on December 25.

Create a culinary plan of attack.

So much love, effort and time goes into creating the perfect Christmas feast; and timing is everything. Make a list of everything you’ll be serving (from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day) and include how long each dish will take and the required oven settings. Knowing what needs to be cooked when and for how long will allow for smooth transitions from dish to dish and will possibly help avoid a dried out turkey and ice cold mashed potatoes. Are there any items you can make ahead of time to maximize production on Christmas Day?

Set the table.

While many save this simple task to hours – or perhaps minutes – before the meal, we suggest thinking ahead and setting the table a day or two beforehand. Another helpful pre-dinner exercise is to label each serving dish with whatever food it will hold. This way everyone will know what goes where.

Finish last-minute gift shopping and wrapping.

Add those final checkmarks to your Christmas gift list and wrap any last-minute presents for loved ones. Deliver gifts to those individuals you won’t be seeing Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and assemble all other goodies under the tree.

Buy fresh ingredients.

No need to save grocery shopping to the last minute. Even fresh produce will be fine if purchased a few days before December 25. Make your grocery list and hit the market now to find all of your culinary goodies.

Charge camera and video camera.

For those who aren’t accustomed to just pulling out their smart phone to capture a Christmas moment, now’s the time to charge your electronics to make sure they’re ready to capture the magic of the season. Since we’re talking electronics, it’s also wise to take inventory of any Christmas gifts that may require batteries and purchase them now so kids (and adults!) can play with their new toys right away.

Enjoy time with loved ones.  

This one’s our favourite! Since you’ve made your plan of attack, all that’s left is to sit back, relax and enjoy the Christmas season. You deserve it!

Merry Christmas from all of us at i love renovations!