Company’s Coming!

Delicious food, fantastic company and a warm and inviting space are all ingredients of a successful party. But before the guests arrive and the merriment begins, ensure your home is host-ready with the i love renovations holiday entertaining checklist.

Home well-lit and easy to find

When guests reach your block for an evening soirée, are they able to see your home easily from the street? A well-lit front entrance will ensure invitees have no trouble finding your abode. An illuminated pathway, wall-mounted lights framing the front door and fluorescent house numbers will be greatly appreciated by visitors.

Walking hazards

Is there a safe and easy path leading to your front door? Loose bricks, a rickety handrail and faulty steps are all hazards that could cause an individual harm. Groom the path to your door so guests feel safe coming and going. If snow and ice are an issue, break out the shovel and salt before everyone arrives.

Fireplace ready to go

Don’t wait until the night of your gathering to test your fireplace. Professionals recommend chimneys be swept at least once a year. Inspections include checking for cracks, loose bricks, missing mortar and deterioration in the chimney liner or cap. If roasting marshmallows is on the agenda, make sure a fireplace inspection and sweep is on your priority list.

Spare room ready

Turn that room full of stuff into a ready-made guest suite. A fresh coat of paint, a few simple storage solutions and a bed ready for crashing is all you need to give your overnight guest a good night’s rest.

Squeaky door hinges

The soundtrack to a holiday party should be festive and fun, not squeaky and annoying. Tune out household noises by giving door hinges a fresh shot of oil or grease.

Kitchen lighting

If your idea of a holiday menu involves more than a trip to Costco to grab a couple of cheese and cracker plates, then you’ll want a culinary workspace that is functional and bright. Under-cabinet lighting, track lighting and island spotlights make a world of difference in the kitchen. And whether intentional or not, this space tends to be a gathering place once the party kicks into gear. A beautifully-lit kitchen will add to the ambiance of the festivities.

Fresh coat of paint

If your home is feeling a little drab and not quite party-ready, consider a fresh coat of paint. A pop of colour here and a warm and inviting hue there will breathe new life into a dated space.

Nibbles and libations

Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing your holiday menu. Lots of dishes can be prepared in advance and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Make a game plan for the month and keep offerings on-hand so you’re not overwhelmed when those relatives who just happen to be “in the area” pop in for an unexpected visit.

Sweet scents

Even if you haven’t been making Christmas treats all day, your home can still smell of sweet and citrusy scents. A small boiling pot of water with a touch of citrus and herbs or cinnamon sticks will have your home smelling like Mrs. Clause’s kitchen in no time.

Bathroom well-stocked

The powder room is the space where guests will freshen up. Fresh hand towels, a full bottle of liquid hand soap and for an added touch, hand lotion, are all special considerations your guests will appreciate.

Once your home’s in tip top shape, all that’s left to do is deck the halls, trim the tree and enjoy time with those nearest and dearest. If entertaining is in your future, i love renovations would be happy to tackle those areas of your home that aren’t up to snuff. Call us today at 902-488-5683. And for a little inspiration, check out our portfolio at

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