Commercial Renovation Tips

Commercial Renovation Tips

Is your office space feeling a little drab? Considering a commercial renovation to breathe new life into an old space? Keep these tips in mind before the renovation begins!

First impression

First impressions are everything, and your commercial space may be a client or customer’s first introduction to your business. Its appearance and overall vibe can be a serious deal breaker. When you walk through the door, what’s the first thing you want people to see? Think about where you want the eye to be drawn and how to make the entrance as inviting as possible.

Layout and flow

Depending on your business, you’ll want to make sure the layout is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. A well thought-out and spacious floorplan is ideal for any renovation. Think about your day-to-day activities in the space. Where will you, or your customers, be spending the most time? Which items should be easily accessible? Spend time in the space and walk through each area while mapping out what you’ll be doing daily.



Whether a home or commercial renovation, we can’t stress enough the importance of good lighting. A dimly-lit space can be a complete turnoff and have a serious effect on productivity. The options for lighting are endless so get creative and select the best fixtures and overhead lighting that works for your space. Keeping things bright and airy will make you and your staff want to come to work every day!

Make a wish list

Planning your new commercial space should be an enjoyable experience. Besides layout and lighting, get creative and jot down any features you’d love to see in the renovated space. Rank them in order of importance and work with your general contractor to determine what’s feasible. Making a wish list will give you a clear idea of how you envision your new commercial space.


Design and décor

This is the fun part! From selecting colours to adding unique décor that will really make the space pop, the options are endless when adding the finishing touches to your space. Think about smart storage solutions that are not only functional, but also look fabulous in the space. We work with some amazing interior designers who create beautiful new commercial spaces on the daily. An expert touch could make all the difference on the success of your new commercial space!

So whether you’re considering a commercial facelift or you’ve already got the blueprints completely mapped out in your mind, keep these tips at the forefront before the renovation begins. To chat about your next commercial renovation, give us a call at 902-488-5683 or e-mail [email protected].