Comfortable & Cozy

When the temperature drops, there’s nothing better than gathering by the fire, getting under the blankets and enjoying a cozy night indoors. While spring and summer are all about creating a fresh, airy feel, fall and winter calls for a different mood. This week, we’re sharing our top tips on how to make your home extra cozy!


Lighting is often an overlooked addition that can make the biggest difference in a space. In a living room, have multiple light sources to highlight different areas. Bright overhead lights are best for a large get-together, while table and floor lamps offer the perfect atmosphere for intimate evenings. When choosing lightbulbs, you’ll discover there are ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ bulbs, and your selection will make or break the feel of a space. It’s amazing the difference a soft glow can make to make a room feel extra cozy.

To the touch

A plush rug, a fluffy throw, a soft leather arm chair and lots of throw cushions are all items that say sit down, relax and stay awhile. How a fabric feels to the touch impacts just how cozy a room will be. If your furniture makes you want to pour a cup of tea, grab a good book and curl up for hours, then you’ve succeeded in creating the ultimate cozy space.

Fill dead wall space

This tip is especially useful if you’re trying to create a cozy vibe in a larger space. A gallery wall filled with favourite pics or treasures found throughout the years is a great way to make a space feel more intimate. A console table or benches placed alongside a blank wall will do wonders to pull a space together.

Warm colours

Wall colours and décor accent shades can turn a cold, stark space into a warm inviting place. Every hue in the colour wheel radiates a mood. Soft and light shades make a room feel large and airy, whereas warm, rich shades can make a room feel warm and intimate. Select the shades that best represent the mood you’re longing to create.

Fill with familiar

Family photos. Your favourite books displayed on a rustic bookcase. An old record player humming soft background music. Each space in your home should reflect you. And the coziest of spaces should be filled with all of those things you hold dear. Surrounding yourself with comfort items is one of the best ways to make a plain space feel cozy and inviting.


Layers are an excellent way to warm a space. Just like you load on the layers before heading into the cold winter chill, so too should you layer your home for an extra cozy feel. Rugs, throws, cushions and plush ottomans are great options to add texture and layers to a space.

With these simple adjustments, we have a feeling you’ll be opting to stay in this weekend to enjoy your new cozy space! For even more inspiration, check out our website at

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