Big Ideas for a Small Space

Sometimes the smallest of spaces create the biggest décor conundrums. But a well laid-out floor plan with a few special touches and creative storage accents will have your tiny abode feeling less like a closet and more like a liveable space in no time. Read on for our top tips on how to maximize your small space.

Use mirrors and glass to create reflections and bounce light around. One large mirror or several smaller mirrors will create a sense of added depth to a small space.

Furniture scale. People assume larger furniture pieces have no place in a small space and the solution is to fill the room with multiple smaller pieces to create ample seating. To avoid furniture clutter, consider a few large, bold pieces, instead of several smaller couches and chairs.

Mount TV on the wall. If your small space holds a television, do away with the bulky entertainment centre and create a clean finish by attaching the TV to a flexible arm.IMG_5473

Avoid high contrast colours and too many patterns. A busy colour palette in a small space is a no-no. There’s nothing wrong with a pop of pattern here or there, but don’t overdo it.

Don’t overcrowd. A once sparse room can be filled with stuff very quickly. It’s not necessary to fill every empty nook and cranny– especially in a small space. Only store in the room what you need.

Built-ins and enclosed compartments. Built-in shelves are a great storage device that take up zero extra floor space. Enclosed compartments create extra storage while masking the clutter.

Bring outside colours in. Natural light is a welcome element to a small space. If the room features large windows, create a colour palette that is an extension of those earthy tones.

Light colours and neutrals. Lighter shades act as expanders and create an airy feel. A neutral background will also allow for more room to play with your décor accents.

Multifunctional furniture. Select your furniture wisely. When it comes to the main pieces in the space, think double duty. An ottoman with a large serving tray can also act as a coffee table.

Floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall bookcase. This may sound like a daunting piece for a small space, but a custom bookcase is a grand focal point that will push the walls and ceiling out and up, creating a sense of space.

Remove doors or use pocket doors. If the small space requires a door, consider a pocket door that tucks neatly into the wall when not in use.

Link flooring and colours to adjacent rooms. Similar hues from one room to the next will open up your small space and create added flow. Your small space will feel like an extension of the next room, as opposed to a tucked away after-thought that is completely enclosed.

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