Bedroom Design Trends

On a stormy Monday, there’s nothing you would rather do than grab a cuppa, curl up with a good book and just relax. In honour of what we hope to be the last “storm day” of the season, we’re talking how to create the ultimate bedroom space. This year, bedrooms are not just for sleeping. Check out our top design picks for 2016.


Call it a comeback. Wallpaper is back in a big way, and while it’s still not to everyone’s liking, many are putting down the paintbrush and blanketing their walls in bright pops of colour and intricate designs. If wall-to-wall coverage seems extreme, then a popular trend is to designate one wall for wallpaper. In the bedroom, using wallpaper as a backdrop to the bed is a great way to anchor the space and draw the eye to a central focal point. If your preferred paint colours for the walls and bed linens are somewhat serene, wallpaper is the perfect colourful accent and will add a shot of individuality to your space. Kids will also have fun selecting playful patterns for their own bedrooms.

Serene space

After a long day, all you really want to do is kick up your feet and relax. In a full house with tablets, televisions and cell phones providing a never-ending soundtrack of ringing, beeping and buzzing, your bedroom may be the perfect space to escape. To create this spa-like atmosphere, opt for warm, inviting hues for everything from the paint colours on the walls to the linens for the bed. Neutral shades, such as soft creams, blues and lilac release a calming vibe. These soft palettes are also the perfect backdrop to colourful accents that won’t have to compete with bold contrasting colours. Think sunshine yellow lamps, rich blue reading chairs and a multi-coloured throw.


The master bedroom ensuite is a fabulous luxury which turns a simple space into multi-purpose living. Dramatic wall coverings, spacious showers, statement mirrors and mod tile for the floors and walls have transformed what was once a sterile space.

Custom closets

Closets have gotten a serious facelift. From shoe racks and custom cubbies to multi-dimensional hanging bars, there’s an ideal space for every piece of clothing and fashion accessory. Smart storage solutions make all the difference when designing your perfect closet.

Multi-purpose space

Bedrooms are no longer solely for sleeping. Homeowners are designing smart spaces to allow for multiple tasks. Imagine a small reading nook to dive into your next great literary adventure; a quaint writing desk to pen random thoughts and tomorrow’s to-do list; or a wellness corner perfect for yogis who need that morning stretch before starting their day. The bedroom is no longer a one-note space.

Custom headboard

We love a custom headboard. Especially in a space that lacks uniqueness and creativity. Headboards have become the focal point of the bedroom and many custom creations are taking centre stage. Rustic design elements are still going strong. To incorporate this popular look in the bedroom, consider a wood plank headboard. Take the design to the next level by stacking planks from floor to ceiling for a feeling of grandeur. For a softer backdrop, select your favourite fabric in the colour or design of your choosing and create a tufted button headboard. From repurposed doors to simple slipcovers, get creative with your headboard.

Your bedroom is your oasis. Create the ultimate space to relax, unwind, and enjoy a little well-deserved “you” time. For more inspiration, check out

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