Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms are drifting away from being just a practical space with a sole purpose. This year, a little more thought is going into bathroom design and we’re seeing transformations that ooze relaxation and softly scream serenity. Check out a few of our favourite bathroom trends for 2016.

Cool and calm

These are two commonly used words when describing the overall feel of a bathroom. Cool tones, such as blues, greys and emerald green, all exude tranquility. Crisp whites are also favourites when creating a soothing space.

Creative yet timeless tile

When choosing bathroom tile, the options are endless. Homeowners who want something different, but not so outside the box that they’re ready to replace it in a month, are choosing classic tiles laid in interesting patterns. That simple white subway tile laid in a herringbone design will provide traditional with a twist to your bathroom.

Spacious showers

Showers are getting an upgrade and becoming more of a statement piece in the bathroom. The extra space could feature a double showerhead, one oversized rain showerhead, built-in shelving, a minimalist bench or an accessible railing.


Clean and practical are going hand-in-hand with bathroom design for 2016. Homeowners are ditching the cluttered shelves and countertops and keeping things simple with functional designs based on spatial planning. Smart (and hidden) storage solutions are essential to this streamlined look.

Lots of white

There is something ultra crisp and clean about white design elements. So it’s no surprise bathrooms are now bathed in white. From sleek tile to fresh white faucets and fixtures, white is a polished look that will stand the test of trendy time.

Eye candy

Artwork is a common go-to when brightening up bland walls. So why not include your bathroom in this theory? With light, airy colours taking centre stage in the bathroom, homeowners are using bright and bold works of art for pops of colour throughout the space.

Statement mirrors

Forget one large rectangular mirror and medicine cabinets. Bathroom mirrors have evolved and homeowners are having fun when selecting this particular design element. Think circular shapes, distressed wood frames, thick rope hangers and backlit beauties. A bathroom mirror is now just as beautiful as the fresh face looking into it!

Freestanding tub

The freestanding tub is back in a big way and is providing an element of luxury, modernity and elegance to the bathroom. From a simple shape with minimal design elements, to a raised design with oh-so chic clawed feet, standalone tubs are a beautiful addition to a serene oasis.

There are so many fun and creative ways to revamp bathrooms this year. Choose your favourite design elements and bring your bathroom to its full potential. Not sure where to start? Check out and give us a call at 902-488-5683. We’d be happy to help with your next great renovation!

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