Basement Planning 101

A growing family, frequent visitors from out of town and in-laws moving in may have you searching for more space in your home. Before considering an addition, one of the most cost-effective and time sensitive solutions is to renovate your unfinished basement. With a blank canvas, the potential in that sometimes neglected space is endless. As part of our “planning makes perfect” series, this week we’re talking basement renovations. Keep these things in mind before the work begins.


What will happen in the space? Who will spend the most time in the basement? Determining the basement’s purpose will help with layout.


Good flow is the key to enjoying any room in your home. Think about how you would like to move about the space and how many areas are needed. To make a basement feel as large as possible, think open concept. Consider prime positions for certain focal points – if you’re putting a television or projector in the basement, place the screen in one of the darker corners of the room to reduce glare and give the space that home theatre vibe.


Basements can be great for storing odds and ends big and small, but once the basement is renovated, avoid turning the entire area into a general dumping ground for stuff. Designate a specific space for storage. Add shelves and cubbies to keep things organized.


If you’re planning a basement renovation with a certain deadline in mind, make sure you’re aware of how long the project will take. Once you meet with your general contractor and a concrete plan is determined, the work can generally commence two weeks from that initial meeting. The actual basement renovation is on average a four week project.


Before tackling a basement renovation, walls should be checked for any moisture or mold. A professional contractor can check for damp walls, deal with unruly drainage if need be, and seal any existing cracks. Flooding is a common issue in basements, so be proactive and ensure you’ve done all you can to ensure a dry living space.

When it comes to basement renovations, there are several factors to consider before the work begins. Hire an expert to ensure work is done safely and properly. Once complete, that once dingy, forgotten space may become the go-to room your whole family will enjoy.

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