Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

While we may not want to admit it, winter is a-coming, and spiking up the thermostat is not the only solution to keep Jack Frost out and warm air in. Checking these tasks off your list will not only result in toasty inside temps, but it will also do wonders for energy efficiency.

Install storm doors and windows

Storm windows and doors are a welcome addition when the cold winds blow. Sealing drafts and reducing air flow will greatly increase energy efficiency.


The purpose of thermal insulation is to prevent heat from moving from one space to another. For optimum results, your home should be properly insulated from top to bottom.

Change furnace filters

This is an easy fix that can be done monthly. Dirty filters prevent airflow and increase the demand for energy.

Caulking and weather stripping

Gaps in exterior walls, windows, doors, roofs and floors will create air leaks, in turn wasting energy and creating cold air drafts. While caulking and weather stripping are not replacements for insulation, they will alleviate drafts and assist in bringing warmth to your home when the temperature drops.

Seal ducts

Homes that include a forced air heating and cooling system use ducts to distribute air throughout the home. If ducts have holes, leaks, or are poorly connected, then there’s a great likelihood a large chunk of that air is not reaching the inside of your home. While the name is misleading, duct tape is not the solution when it comes to sealing vents. Old duct tape becomes dry and will fall apart over time. Have an expert examine duct work to ensure it’s working properly and efficiently.

Layer floors

Besides being a cozy and beautiful household accessory, rugs act as added insulation by preventing cold air from seeping up through floor boards and into a space. They’re also a welcome warmer for your feet.

Ceiling fan switch-up

Many homeowners assume they have no use for their ceiling fans during the winter months, but the truth is they can actually aid in keeping warm air circulating throughout the home. Locate the reverse switch on your ceiling fans. As heat rises, a clockwise-spinning fan will push heat back down.

Let it shine

Draw back those curtains and take advantage of natural light during the day. Once the sun goes down, cover windows to prevent heat from escaping.

Don’t block vents

Blocked vents may be one of the reasons you’re not feeling warm air throughout your home. Do a sweep of each room and move any furniture that may be blocking air vents.

Whether you’re entertaining for 20 or having a cozy night-in for two, ensuring your home is winter-ready is the first step to enjoying the upcoming season. Need help? Call i love renovations today! We’d be happy to tackle your to-do list! Happy heating!

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