How Much?

How Much?

The question that comes to mind most often when considering a  kitchen renovation. When choosing an IKEA kitchen, you can expect to save 30-40% on the costs of the cabinets, assembly and installation do add to the bottom line but the savings still remains.

With that savings you can upgrade counters from laminate to stone, maybe install a backsplash, new floors or pocket the savings for a sunny trip.

Typical IKEA kitchens cost between $8000.00 & $14000.00 dollars. This includes your IKEA cabinets and i love renovations labour to design, order, ship, and install your cabinets. Of course, each IKEA kitchen varies in price depending on your door style, design aspects, layout and desired customizations.

You should also budget for things like countertops and tiling, and possibly demolition, drywall, painting, flooring, new appliances, lighting, and plumbing—depending on the scope of your project. All of which we can help with.


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