6 tips to brighten up your windowless bathroom

Stuck with a windowless bathroom? It doesn’t have to feel like a century-old cave. Replace the sun’s gleaming rays by decorating or starting with a bathroom renovation before the decorating, with these tips in mind for a vibrant space that shines from the inside out.

Tip#1: Embrace Metallics

Shiny surfaces like metallics reflect light to brighten up interiors. Incorporate them into the bathroom with pearlescent tiles half-way up the walls, or opt for silver, gold or bronze hardware.

Tip#2: Hang a Chandelier

A chandelier in the bathroom gives a surprise element of glam and is a sure-fire way to instantly uplift the space. Plus, the crystals reflect light for dimension and luminosity.

Tip#3: Choose a Light Colour for the Floor

While bold walls will liven up a small space, the same theory does not apply to floors. If you have dark floors in a windowless bathroom, the space will feel claustrophobic and closed-in. Get rid of the gloominess by painting the floor white or replacing your current floor with light hardwood, white or beige tiles to create an airy feel.

Tip#4: Fill Up on Art

Old pieces of art that have out-lived your home are usually relegated to the bathroom. Instead, be thoughtful with your choice of art in the loo. Pieces of colourful, vibrant art will dance on the walls and liven up the small, dark space.

Tip#5: Use Soft Lighting

Harsh ceiling lights tend to dull their surroundings. To avoid that unflattering sharp bright light, choose a chic lighting fixture that requires more than one bulb that will emit light in different directions. Three to six bracket lights, like the ones you’d see on Hollywood vanities in back-stage dressing rooms, create soft lighting and a radiant ambiance.

Tip #6: Add an Additional Mirror

While most bathrooms come installed with medicine-cabinet mirrors, adding another mirror will make the space look even larger and reflect more light. Hang a stylish mirror for a simple way to double up on light and lengthen perceived size of your bathroom.


source HGTV

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