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December Home Checklist

To prepare for December, i love renovations is making a list and checking it twice. Our home maintenance tasks are fun and festive, and ensure you’ll be warm and cozy all winter long.

Check attic insulation

The attic tends to fall victim to the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But proper insulation in the attic makes a huge difference on heating your home, not to mention a…

Comfortable & Cozy

When the temperature drops, there’s nothing better than gathering by the fire, getting under the blankets and enjoying a cozy night indoors. While spring and summer are all about creating a fresh, airy feel, fall and winter calls for a different mood. This week, we’re sharing our top tips on how to make your home extra cozy!


Lighting is often an overlooked addition that can…

November Home Checklist

November is the perfect month for pre-planning and outdoor grooming. December is sure to fill up quickly so now’s the time to be proactive and attack those tasks that will make for a smoother transition into the winter months.

Safety first.

As the temperature continues to drop, ice and snow becomes a serious hazard. Clear pathways and front steps of any debris and ensure railways ar…

October Home Checklist

We love October. The leaves are changing colours, scarves and boots are peppering the sidewalks, and the morning air has a hint of crispness that makes you want to stay under the covers just a few minutes longer. Enjoy your home to the fullest this fall by checking these October to-dos off your list.

Rake leaves

It’s that time of year again. If your yard is surrounded by trees, you’…

Decor Trends for Fall

Besides the leaves changing colours, the crisp morning air and the pumpkin spice lattes, fall also brings some fabulous design trends. Check out a few of our favourites and try them in your own home this season!

Mix and match

We love when homeowners think outside the box and experiment with multiple design trends in one space. Mix traditional and modern, or vintage and brand new for a…

September Home Checklist

September is a time of transition. The kids head back to school. There’s a crispness in the air. And you slowly ease back into a routine after enjoying those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Take your home into the new season with September’s home checklist.

Chimney and furnace maintenance.

While you may not even want to consider using the chimney and furnace just yet, now’s the tim…

Basement Planning 101

A growing family, frequent visitors from out of town and in-laws moving in may have you searching for more space in your home. Before considering an addition, one of the most cost-effective and time sensitive solutions is to renovate your unfinished basement. With a blank canvas, the potential in that sometimes neglected space is endless. As part of our “planning makes perfect” series, this…

Kitchen Planning 101

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

We’ve all heard this old adage used when emphasizing the importance of planning. And we firmly believe detailed planning is the key to a successful renovation – whether big or small. That’s why we’re sharing our top planning tips for each space in your home. This week, we’re talking about one of the most used areas in your hom…

August Home Checklist

Where did the time go? We can’t believe we’re already sharing our August home checklist. While summer 2016 isn’t in the books just yet, we’re staying ahead of the game and taking care of those tasks that will ensure a smooth transition into a new season. Check out this month’s top to-dos.

Get your home organized for back to school.

Make sure your home is ready for back to schoo…

July Home Checklist

A new month means a new checklist! Check out our top to-dos for July.

Inspect and repair driveway.

Examine your driveway for any cracks or holes that may have appeared following the winter months. Use a proper sealant or caulk for small fixes or consider resurfacing the entire length of your driveway for a full makeover. Repairing cracks and holes will prevent rainwater from seeping throug…

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