Our Story

We love what we do, and how we have gotten here. This is our story.

Growing up together in Dartmouth, N.S. in the ’80s, Mike and Chris spent their days building tree forts and extended decks off the back of Mike’s father’s shed on Grandview Drive. Although the pair always dreamed of co-owning a construction company one day, it didn’t become a reality until they were both back in Dartmouth.

i love renovations was born in 2013. The name says it all: Chris and Mike have a passion for creating and building renovations. Both love working after hours on their own projects and never tire of the constant problem-solving opportunities and amazing people they meet day to day. Focusing on customer service comes naturally for this team, having both spent years working in the food and beverage industry, including some of the highest ranking properties in Canada.

We don’t merely renovate homes because it’s what we sell. We create renovations because of our fundamental values. For us, it’s about more than the finished product. It’s about the families we work with, the spaces we transform, and the relationships we build.

With their goals set high…

Building a luxury service construction brand requires that each of us takes pride in – and has a commitment to – the service we have built. We have some of the best colleagues in the industry, in one of the busiest industries, but it is our service and our people that make i love renovations special. Our entire team is committed to delivering great service.

With the support of large families and a love for their community, Mike and Chris look forward to working with you, whether it’s at your home or business, or helping out in the community giving back. When you get the chance to meet one of our colleagues, chances are they will want to know your story.