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We are a team of industry leaders and innovators; building renovations and building relationships through warm, engaging service.

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  • Offer a different kind of services to families and professionals
  • Deliver high quality and consistent services
  • Use environmentall friendly cleaning products
  • Provide stable jobs with resonable wages
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards
  • Make you an extremely satisfied customer

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Need a special cleaning service? We are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.


How much will my renovation cost?

There are literally dozens of variables that determine the final contract amount our clients are willing to pay. Our representatives can often provide callers with a “ball-park” renovation estimate (which is usually within a 10% range of the final detailed quote).

Note that calling us for a rough estimate results in no cost to you. Once a specification is prepared, there are nominal fees associated with the time and effort put forth in preparing a presentation for you, which includes drawings prepared by our professional draftsmen

Does i love renovations specialize in any particular types of renovation?

Having been in this industry for over a decade, i love renovations has encountered and performed every imaginable type of renovation. As a result, the company has evolved into a complete (start to finish) renovator on interior work and an overall home improvement specialist. That means our contracts normally include all facets of a project (e.g. demolition, plumbing, electrical, drywall, cabinetry, millwork, paint, and much more).

Having said that, our interior division specializes in full basement renos and kitchens, bathrooms and updates, including (but certainly not limited to) painting, trim and casing, and flooring. Note that i love renovations provides interior services for residents of the entire HRM.

We've heard horror stories about some contractors. How do we protect ourselves?

We have heard those same stories, and we have empathy for those consumers who have had bad experiences with other contractors. Having said that, i love renovations has been able to carve out its own special niche, which is partially attributable to the reputation of our peers. We stand out – and above – with proven quality and reliability, year after year.

Many contractors function as ‘fly-by-night’ operations, which makes it imperative for consumers to do their homework. This includes researching past newspaper articles, contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB), speaking with representatives at the CHBA, and asking your contractor for references.

Does i love renovations provide free estimates?

Yes. There is no charge for you to contact us and have us come to your home to discuss and plan your renovation.



Of all renovation projects in Canada in 2016 were bathroom renovations


of Canadian homeowners had realistic Kitchen renovation budgets


of all renovation projects last year were outdoor renovations including decks, patios and porches


of home improvements included multiple renovations.

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