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Kitchen Cabinet Updates

Are you tired of your current kitchen and want to breathe new life into a drab space? One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to give a new look to your culinary oasis is with a kitchen cabinet update. Read on to discover a few of our favourite ways for a fresh look without a complete overhaul.

Fresh paint
A change in colour can have a huge impact on your kitchen. Remove the hardware, break out the sandpaper and select a colour you’ll love.

Wallpaper the interior
Wallpaper has made a serious comeback. Show some love to the inside of your cabinets with a fun print or classic pop of colour. You’ll have to perfect your paper cutting skills to make sure it fits smoothly and evenly, but it will be worth the work and a nice surprise every time you open the door.

Remove the doors
Removing cabinet doors will give your kitchen an open and airy feel. But keep in mind you’ll have to ensure the inside of your cabinets are always tidy and presentable.

New hardware
New hardware creates a whole new appearance. Take some precise measurements, spend some quality time with the drill, and you’ve got yourself a simple DIY and a whole new look for your kitchen cabinets.

Apply moulding
Adding crown moulding to your cabinets will give them—and the kitchen—an entirely new look. The upgrade will visually add height to the room and give the cabinets a beautifully finished appearance.

Chalkboard paint
No room benefits from chalkboard paint quite like the kitchen. You can use the upper cabinets to keep track of needed grocery items and important dates, while the kiddos can go to town on the lower cabinets—and leave your walls alone (win-win!).

Task lighting
Task lighting beneath cabinets can dramatically alter the look—and efficiency—of any kitchen. In addition to making countertop chores easier to tackle, the added illumination will showcase a tile backsplash and make dark cabinets appear lighter.

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