Handyman and Small Jobs

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How we can help

  • Do you lack experience, tools and time to tackle a repair or renovation?
  • Are you in need of a local handyman you can rely on?
  • Do you have a list of things you need repaired?
  • Do other contractors miss appointments or not bother to show up at all?
  • Does your home need retrofitting for child-proofing or disabled individuals?
  • We offer professional handyman services. We are insured and able to handle your small- to medium-sized jobs.

Services i love renovations offers:



  • Laminate flooring
  • Engineered flooring
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Subfloors
  • Floor tiles
  • Sheet vinyl

Decorative woodwork

decorative woodwork

  • Mouldings
  • Crown mouldings
  • Trim
  • Casing/decorative rail
  • Baseboards
  • Wall panels

Roofs and gutters

roofs gutters

  • Clean gutters
  • Repair gutters
  • Install new gutters
  • Install drain spouts



  • Custom-made kitchens
  • Install kitchen cabinets
  • Re-finish kitchen units
  • Install kitchen appliances
  • Install countertops
  • Replace sinks



  • Replace toilet
  • Replace basin
  • Replace bathtub
  • Install shower head
  • Install shower cubicle
  • Caulking and grouting
  • Tiling and linoleum

Decorating and finishing

decorating and finishing

  • Prepare ceiling and wall surfaces
  • Painting and finishing
  • Tiling
  • Install wall fixtures
  • Install curtain rod or rail

Insulation and ventilation

insulation and ventilation

  • Insulation
  • Blown in insulation
  • Stop drafts
  • Lower your heating bill
  • Window and door seals

Home security

home security

  • Install deadbolts
  • Window bars
  • Securing windows and doors
  • Childproofing
  • Disability retrofit
  • Fireproofing



  • Install faucets and valves
  • Repair toilet and shower valves
  • Repair leaks and clogs



  • Install ceiling fans
  • Replace indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Switches
  • Outlets
  • Repair doorbell
  • Install thermostats and controls
  • Smoke detectors

Outdoor repairs and alterations

outdoor repairs and alterations

  • Build a retaining wall
  • Lay paths and patios
  • Create paths and steps
  • Wooden garden materials
  • Erect a fence
  • Decking

Our Guarantee

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Our Mission

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  • Deliver high quality and consistent services.
  • Use environmentall friendly cleaning products.
  • Provide stable jobs with resonable wages.
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards.
  • Make you an extremely satisfied customer.