If you dream it. We can build it.

We build decks. It's where you invigorate, energize and begin each day. It's where your friends and family celebrate, embrace life and create memories. It's where you relax, reflect and dream.

When you combine the function of a deck with the integrity and craftsmanship of i love renovations, you have made the right choice. When we create a deck, we build with the finished product in mind - not just the beautifully crafted deck you’ll enjoy for years to come, but the atmosphere, the relationships and the moments you'll enjoy.

Why Us?

Our builders look forward to providing you with a personalized deck and an amazing customer service experience. All of our deck installation services come guaranteed and we are insured to cover any kinds of potential damages that may occur during the building process. The entire deck building experience with i love renovations is hassle-free, beginning with a no-risk, no-obligation quote detailing both price and expected completion dates.

Deck Building and Installation.

Deck building is not something just anyone can do. The foundation must be laid correctly to ensure the deck will not sink or fall over the course of time. Once the foundation is laid, you must correctly place the support beams for the deck to be built. If the support beams are not correctly placed, weight in any given area may result in a person or a piece of property falling through. Once the support is built, builders must then build the deck on the supports, making sure the deck is safely secured. If any of these steps are carried out incorrectly, it can be a safety hazard for your property, yourself, family, and friends.

Other companies may do these things incorrectly. Something as simple as a pole of the foundation not straightened correctly or not facing the correct way can cause your deck to collapse within a year and cost you money to correct after the builder is long gone. So be sure to avoid these problems.

i love renovations owns all of their own equipment. We are certified and ensure there are never issues with your deck falling apart after the build. Our work is warranty guaranteed.

Our Mission and Guarantee

If you dream it. We can build it
We will provide our clients with

  • Workmanship of unrivaled value
  • LIFETIME workmanship warranty
  • Experiences that are authentically personal
  • Service that is engaging

Our Values

  • Respect - we value the needs, ideas and individuality of others. We treat all colleagues and clients with fairness and dignity.
  • Integrity - We act with honesty and professionalism, guided by the highest standards of ethical conduct. We take accountability for all our decisions and actions.
  • Teamwork – we work together to achieve our common goals. We recognize the impact of each individual contribution and the importance of maintaining a co-operative and supportive work environment.
  • Empowerment – We have the necessary tools, training and authority to exceed expectations. We trust and support each other in making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions.

Our Service Promise

These service promises are commitments we make to our colleagues, clients, and community. We deliver on these promises, and it helps us make our service unparalled in the construction industry. These promises are based on delivering experiences that are unique to i love renovations and important to you. What are these 5 service promises?

  1. Providing warm, sincere and engaging service that ensures clients feel valued
  2. Treating each and every guest as a unique individual
  3. Anticipating my client’s needs with thoughtful and personal touches
  4. Resolving client problems and never saying “no” without offering an alternatives
  5. Being an ambassador for my brand, my work, my community and my colleagues