Small changes that make a BIG difference

In Nova Scotia, a great party usually starts and ends in the kitchen. It’s where friends gather over a glass of wine and yummy nibbles; where children learn to bake that perfect chocolate chip cookie; and the perfect starting point for a romantic home cooked dinner for two. With so much time spent in this space, you’ll want to ensure it’s always a…

Entertaining Oasis

If you’re someone who loves to host, then this week’s blog post is for you! Check out our top tips to transform your home into an entertaining oasis.

Open concept

Closed-in spaces are not ideal when entertaining. That’s why we love a well thought-out open floor plan. Creating flow between the kitchen and living area with several areas to congregate and different seating arrangements…

August Home Checklist

Where did the time go? We can’t believe we’re already sharing our August home checklist. While summer 2016 isn’t in the books just yet, we’re staying ahead of the game and taking care of those tasks that will ensure a smooth transition into a new season. Check out this month’s top to-dos.

Get your home organized for back to school.

Make sure your home is ready for back to schoo…

WOW Factor with White

When it comes to choosing the colour palette for a room revamp, some homeowners shy away from white as they feel a white room is boring, unwelcoming and not relaxing. We politely disagree. The way we see it, beige can be boring – white is not. Check out our top tips for creating a crisp white space.

White can be cozy.

There’s a misconception that a white room is cold and uninviting. Not…

To Top it Off

Once the dust settles and the renovation is complete, it’s time to think about the finishing touches – those smaller accents which tie a space together and make the remodel feel complete. Today on the blog, we’re sharing four of our favourite finishing touches.


Let’s talk curb appeal. The outside of your home gives the all-important first impression. Presenting a clean,…

What to Ask Your General Contractor Before the Work Begins

Spring has officially sprung! Around this time of year, many homeowners begin to re-evaluate their abode and make a list of any areas which are in desperate need of improvement. If you’ll be hiring a general contractor for projects big or small, ask these 10 questions first before signing on the dotted line.

What is the timeline?

No matter the project, it’s nice to know how long it w…

Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms are drifting away from being just a practical space with a sole purpose. This year, a little more thought is going into bathroom design and we’re seeing transformations that ooze relaxation and softly scream serenity. Check out a few of our favourite bathroom trends for 2016.

Cool and calm

These are two commonly used words when describing the overall feel of a bathroom. Coo…

Storage with Style

How many of you included a clutter-free 2016 in your New Year’s resolutions? Stuff has a way of creeping up on you, and if you’re not careful, it can take over every area of your home. This week, we’re talking storage solutions for all of that stuff!


It doesn’t take much for a closet to become over-crowded and disorganized. First things first: purge. If you haven’t worn…

True or False?

What’s the final word on permits? Are there right and wrong colours for a small space? From debunked myths to hard-and-fast rules that stand the test of time, we’ve got it all in this week’s true or false roundup.

True or False: Avoid dark colours in small spaces.

False. Dark colours sometimes get a bad rap in the world of interior design – particularly when it comes to sma…

Company’s Coming!

Delicious food, fantastic company and a warm and inviting space are all ingredients of a successful party. But before the guests arrive and the merriment begins, ensure your home is host-ready with the i love renovations holiday entertaining checklist.

Home well-lit and easy to find

When guests reach your block for an evening soirée, are they able to see your home easily from the street? A…

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